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Central High School

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MSgt. Branch

It’s How Students Become Leaders!

The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered to high schools that teaches students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity. It is a cooperative effort between the Army and the high schools to produce successful students and citizens, while fostering in each school a more constructive and disciplined learning environment. The goals of the JROTC program are to teach students to:

  • Act with integrity and personal accountability as they lead others to succeed in a diverse and global workforce
  • Engage civic and social concerns in the community, government, and society
  • Graduate prepared to excel in post-secondary options and career pathwaysCentral High School
  • Make decisions that promote positive social, emotional, and physical health
  • Value the role of the military and other service organizations

The mission of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program is “to motivate young people to be better citizens” and develop self-confidence and leadership abilities of students.

Instructors are retired officers and non-commissioned officers certified by Army Cadet Command and the Newark School dir. All uniforms, textbooks and required training materials are provided at no cost to students.  The standard Program of Instruction includes a variety of academic and vocational subjects that focus on valuable “life skills” that support all of the New Jersey Course of Study, graduation pathways.

JROTC focuses on citizenship and leadership development, not recruitment for the military services. There is no service obligation. Students develop knowledge in various required and elective subject areas which include: citizenship skills, personal responsibility, leadership theory and application, life skills development (learning styles/skills, oral and written communication, leadership and management skills, etc.), wellness, personal fitness and first aid skills, geography/map reading/environmental awareness, American history and government and community service.

Program learning outcomes are designed t (1) aid students throughout their JROTC and high school experience through leadership, citizenship, motivational and academic opportunities, (2) enhance students’ prospects of graduation, and (3) provide students with a foundation that prepares them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.  (NOTE: There is a benefit for students who do opt for military service after high school. Those interested in an officer commission (military academy or college ROTC) have a more competitive high school record. Students interested in enlistment, who have completed two or more years (or 4×4 semesters) of JROTC, may qualify (based on instructor recommendation) for the rank of E-2, (Active, Reserve or National Guard) in the armed services.)