Helpful Tips When Applying to College



As a high school student preparing for college, particularly seniors, there are several key factors you must complete in your pursuit for post-secondary education and they are, but not limited to, the following.

College Essay – Prepare and develop your college application essay. Some colleges and universities require specific essays tailored to a particular current event, personal experience in one’s life, or they may have several questions that they want answered in an essay format. You must be prepared to address either scenario you are presented by the college or university you applying to for admission. Please write several drafts with the assistance of a teacher, school counselor or administrator who have gone through this experience and will be of assistance in helping you develop your essay.

Teacher/School Counselor Recommendations – It is important for you as a scholar to identify two (2) current teachers that know your academic potential and are willing to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. You should also get one (1) letter of recommendation from your school counselor. It is necessary to get several copies because you are certainly going to be applying to more than one college or university.

Parent Financial Information – It is important that you and your parents begin to gather family financial documentation from the previous year (for example, 2014-2015 income tax information) and current family financial 2015-2016 (of course after January 1, 2016) to begin completing the FAFSA. For your convenience, we have a FAFSA link on the guidance website.

College Applications!! Begin applying online Now! Our office is going to support students as they apply to colleges and universities online. We will produce paper copies of applications ONLY at the request of students and parents.

School Counselors – Please stop by the Guidance Department during your study hall period, lunch period or schedule an appointment to see your school counselor for assistance with the essay, recommendation and college application process. Students please be reminded you must have a pass! Scholars, once you have a final copy of your personal statement(s)/essay(s) and your teacher recommendations, you must see your school counselor and provide them with a copy of these documents to complete the application process!