Core Values


Our Strategic Approach to Discipline

As we move forward in our continued efforts of sustained growth that is consistently aligned to our Central High School Mission, Core Values, Career Path Academic Academies and 4 Pillars, the primary goal of our strategic approach to Positive Student Management is to:

  • Uphold and provide a safe and orderly school environment that will empower students to achieve at there fullest potential
  • Maintain a positive school culture of growth at all times
  • Remain restorative in all interactive efforts
  • Uniquely support the diverse needs of our students and staff
  • Closely monitor and update our approach regularly
  • Develop independent, self-disciplined global learners and good productive parts of society

Core Values

  1. “We teach children, not just content.”
  2. “The consequence forĀ failure is more work.”
  3. “All hands on deck; we all sweat; we all win.”
  4. “We are not just a school; we are a community center.”

School Improvement Goals

  1. Literacy across disciplines
  2. Early academic intervention
  3. Instruction with evidence of common core shift