School Procedures

Student ID Procedures

All students are required to show their IDs to enter the building and must wear their student IDs throughout the school day. Students will receive an initial ID, free of charge, for the current school year. Fees will be incurred for replacements and temporary IDs (see below). Teachers and staff, please inform/remind students to wear their IDsat all times while in school.

New Students
Once new students have completed the registration process, they will proceed to the Mr. Long where their ID photo will be taken. The student ID will be printed and delivered to the student during convocation on the student’s first day at Weequahic. New students who need replacements must follow standard replacement procedures(below).

Temporary IDs
In the event that a student forgets his/her student ID for a day, he/she must purchase a temporary ID for that day at the cost of $1. Temp IDs will be available at the student entrance during the morning. Temp IDs are only valid for one day.

Replacement IDs
If a student loses their student ID, he/she must purchase a replacement ID, for a fee of $5. Replacement IDs will be printed and delivered to the student in convocation or after school.Students will be given a receipt for their purchase.

ID Fees

  • Initial Student ID - free of charge
  • Replacement ID - $5 (for each replacement)
  • Temporary ID - $1 (for each day a temp is required)

Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuations Protocol

Procedures for Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuations
In the event of an emergency in which the evacuation of the school building is required, or in fire/emergency drills preparing for building evacuations,the following procedures must be followed:

  1. At the sound of the emergency alarm, all staff and students must immediately exit the building via the designated stairwell for their current/classroom location.
  2. Teachers are to remain with their students at all times during the fire drill/building evacuation.
  3. Students are not permitted to go to their lockers to retrieve coats/jackets before leaving the building.
  4. Teachers must take a copy of their class roster with them. Upon arrival at the designated meeting location, teachers are required to take attendance to ensure all students are accounted for.
  5. Security, administrators, and members of the discipline team will assist with evacuation of the building during the fire drill or emergency evacuation.
  6. Once an “all clear”has been provided by Vice-Principal Long, security, administrators, and the discipline team will instruct students and staff tore-enter the building.

Locker Policy

The following are guidelines and procedures for student use of lockers.

  1. Each student will be assigned a locker, with a combination for that locker.
  2. For security reasons, students MUST NOT share their locker combination with anyone.
  3. Lockers are for books and clothing only. Please keep the lockers clean.
  4. Access to lockers is only allowed during the following times:
    1. Immediately after convocation.
    2. Before the student’s designated lunch period.
    3. At the end of the school day.
  5. Students must be granted permission by an administrator, following a written pass from the student’s teacher for that block, if a student needs access to his/her locker at a time other than those indicated above.
  6. Violation of the locker procedures above will result in loss of locker privileges for a specified time period.
  7. Lockers belong to the school and are subject to search and seizure without warning.