Visual & Performing Arts


Art is a universal and basic language. It is expression conveyed through independent, creative action, which can be woven into all aspects of study, e.g. mathematics, history, science, geography, literature, and technology.

Art is an essential component in the district’s curriculum, consisting of but not limited to the following: aesthetic responses, multicultural appreciation, and knowledge of techniques, art history, criticism, and creative performance.

Every child should be able to participate in a stimulating, creative, expressive, exploratory, diversified, and sequential art program. The art activities must be planned to incorporate the specific interests, special needs, and productivity of the individual student.

Stimulating art experiences at each developmental phase fosters pride in artistic achievement and leads to the enhancement of personal uniqueness. Art adds a unique dimension to written and spoken language. The art experience nurtures creative development, develops technical skills, and provides opportunities for critical thinking. Art heightens sensitivity, stimulates personal expression, and promotes a positive self-image.