Visual Arts

Ms. Caraballo Visual Arts TeacherFirst Avenue School’s Visual Arts Program is designed to give students of all age’s art experiences in a wide variety of art mediums and media. The art room has a drawing studio, a painting studio, as well as a kiln room.  Students are engaged in lessons of observational and real life drawing in the drawing studio.  In the painting studio students are engaged in lessons using watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paint to create works of art that scale from the size of small drawing paper to mural size pieces.  The pottery program engages students in a variety of hand building techniques.

The art space here at First Avenue School is a place for both learning and freedom of expression within the confines of a structured curriculum.  Students are actively engaged at all times and are afforded the opportunity to create art work that they are proud to display and share with others.  In my opinion Visual Arts is a state of mind that humanity should live and breathe, and here at First Avenue School the students are immersed in a Visual Arts State of Mind.

Ms. Caraballo-Visual Arts Teacher