The Technology Curriculum in the Newark School District is designed to promote knowledge of and involvement in computer, information literacy, and in technology education.  Technology is multi-disciplinary by nature.  Technology is infused by First Avenue School Teachers across all curriculum content areas in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grades.  First Avenue Students recognize Technology as a tool that adds an active dimension to their educational process, from hands-on tools, various software and media resources, to the infamous World Wide Web.  First Avenue School Teachers consistently employ technology as an essential set of tools to enhance the learning process, enrich academic performance, and equip students with the skills necessary to achieve success in life.  Technology infusion at First Avenue School provides educators with the means to not only teach, but to engage students in exciting new ways that encourage students to become active participants in the learning process.  Most importantly, technology infusion allows First Avenue School Teachers to extend the walls of the classroom by offering links to information and providing tools to explore, research, organize, and synthesize information.