World Language

Ms. Karolina Brzozowski, Department Chair

In the twenty-first century, being able to communicate in more than one language is a necessity, not a luxury. Our increasingly interconnected world demands that our students become global citizens, understanding and accepting cultural and linguistic diversity as a given to be embraced not as an imposition to be shunned or ridiculed.

Here at Technology High School, we are attempting to develop such global citizens. In our world language classes, our students are given the opportunity to study either French or Spanish, levels I, II or III. Teachers in these classes introduce their students, both native speakers and non native speakers, to standards-based lessons that help them develop proficiency in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are also introduced to the historical and cultural aspects of the French-speaking or Spanish-speaking peoples whose language they are studying.

Hopefully, as a result of their study of a world language and the cultural aspects of various peoples, when our students graduate, they will not only be able to communicate effectively in a second language, they will also understand and value the uniqueness of other worldviews and other cultures.

Department Members:

  • Ms. Marienny Flores
  • Mrs. Nancy Perez
  • Mr. Nate Tchero