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Stimulating arts experiences at each phase of a child’s development fosters pride in artistic achievement and leads to the enhancement of personal uniqueness and recognition of the uniqueness of others. The arts add a unique dimension to the written and spoken language of a society. The arts experience sparks and nurtures creative development, initiates and hones technical skills and provides numerous opportunities for critical thinking. The arts experience heightens sensitivity to oneself and others; stimulates personal expression; and promotes a progressive and positive self-image.

Cross curricular infusion of the Arts through Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, World Language and Physical Education addresses the needs of the 21st century child. By teaching across the curriculum the learner is able to link aspects of all subjects and synthesize the material more efficiently.

Children in grades K- 5 should receive a broad based exposure, in a sequential manner, to the four areas of arts education: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. They should achieve a basic literacy in the content knowledge and skills of the NJCCCS. In grades 6 – 8 students should identify an art area of focus. This focus is to be determined by the child. The artist should develop a competency in skills and knowledge of the specific arts area. Grades 9 – 12 allow the student to remain focused on one of the arts areas with the goal of achieving proficiency in at least one area of the Arts, as determined by the knowledge and skills standards of the NJCCCS.

All children in the Newark Public Schools will have an equal access to a sequential arts program that is aligned to the NJCCCS.