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Park Elementary School has been in existence for 6 years and  is nestled amongst the Cherry Blossom trees of Branch Brook Park. It is an elementary school, grades Pre-K through Eight, with a student population of diverse ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds.

Park Elementary School is quickly establishing itself as a state of the arts school with emphasis on Technology and Civic Development. Park Elementary is equipped with modern technological equipment and features Smart Boards in every classroom, four computer labs, Science Labs equipped with modern facilities, A state of the art Art Studio and a Media Center which is also enriched with not only hard copy media but also digital media forums which are open to students and the public alike.

Our School actively participates in community efforts to “Keep Green” and is involved in “The Energy Diamonds Program”. Each class is equipped with energy efficient lighting which has sensors which turn off lights when not in use.

Park Elementary Avenue School is the only school in the Newark Public School system to have its very own Podcast Show (video and audio), which showcases not only student performances and classroom activity but also opens the windows of our world to the outside community.

Students, Staff and Community at Park Elementary work cooperatively to assess their strengths and weaknesses to develop strategic plans for the future as we are intent on making our school a Blue Ribbon educational environment.