Social Studies


Here at Park Elementary we believe an education in social studies fosters a population that:

  • Is civic minded, globally aware, and socially responsible.
  • Exemplifies fundamental values of American citizenship through active participation in local and global communities.
  • Makes informed decisions about local, state, national, and global events based on inquiry and analysis.
  • Considers multiple perspectives, values diversity, and promotes cultural understanding.
  • Recognizes the implications of an interconnected global economy.
  • Appreciates the global dynamics between people, places, and resources.
  • Utilizes emerging technologies to communicate and collaborate on career and personal matters with citizens of other world regions.

Harcourt Social Studies

is a core comprehensive program that takes students on a fascinating journey to explore the people, places, and events that have impacted history. This brand new basal program combines rich content with colorful graphics and interactive text to highlight core concepts and provide a better understanding for students.

Each unit is structured with powerful Reading Support tools — such as the Lesson Summary and Unit Review – to help reinforce the main ideas and accurately organize information. Three Leveled Readers for every unit help to further reteach, reinforce, and extend the unit topics.


Holt McDougal’s Social Studies

programs are infused with rich content and stunning instructional visuals and enriched with interactive technology which inspire students to learn about their country and the world. Holt McDougal is committed to meet the changing needs of educators and students with an expanded range of textbooks, instructional technology, assessments and other support materials. The combined offerings of both dedicated publishers means you now have an amazing breadth and depth of options for your entire 6-12 Social Studies curriculum including regular basal programs, supplemental materials, elective courses, and advanced placement programs.

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