School Procedures

Ivy Hill Front EntranceHere at Ivy Hill Elementary School, each member of Team Ivy is held to high expectations. We have created several policies and procedures to ensure that we achieve our school’s mission and vision. Examples of these include our Positive Behavior Plan, a blue print for success; our student handbook; parent handbook; as well as the implementation of the six standards of good character into our daily routines.

Six Standards of Good Character
We the students of Ivy Hill Elementary School believe in the six standards of good character. These six standards of good character are: Trustworthiness. Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Fairness, and Citizenship; We will work hard to live up to these six standards of good character as we grow into mature productive citizens of this great nation.

Students and Staff Expectations: (Code of Conduct)

  • To make responsible decisions
  • To set a good example
  • To show respect
  • To be willing to change behavior with positive methods
  • To share high expectations for all Ivy Hill Elementary School Community

Major Components of Positive Behavior Plan:

  • Classroom recognition for effort and behavior: Class Compliments; Knight of the Month
  • Assemblies to acknowledge students with High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Honorable Mention, and Perfect Attendance
  • Weekly behavior reports sent home
  • A three part discipline plan in all classrooms
    • Rules (Five Positively Stated )
    • Consequences (At least one consequence will include the Student Behavior Narrative)
    • Rewards