School Data

A1Summary Throughout the school year we use various assessments to determine if our students are meeting the expectations of our common-core aligned curriculum. Assessments are often categorized into two main areas: formative assessments and summative assessments.

Formative assessments are used to determine students’ mastery of lesson objectives. These assessments allow teachers to check for understanding and create customized and tailored instruction, followed with timely student feedback. Examples of formative assessments are quizzes, exit slips, homework, etc.

Summative assessments are used to determine mastery of core standards over a period of time.  This would include projects, unit tests, district, interim assessments, and high stake test such as the NJASK.

We will use this section of our website to publish some of this information. This includes our school’s NJ Report Card, NJASK comparative analysis, student growth objectives (SGOs) and our district compiled family snapshots.