School Leadership Council

The School Leadership Council (SLC) is one of the major governing body of the school. The SLC constituents include teachers, parents, community partners, and the principal. This governing body works collaboratively to implement policies and guidelines that promote high teaching standards, learning, and student achievement. The SLC meets five times for the school year, and has two scheduled open forums for parents to become familiar with school policies and related activities.

The SLC has several major sub-committees that meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to instruction, professional development, school safety, curriculum, and parental involvement.  Each subcommittee is responsible for submitting a monthly report of meetings and activities to the SLC.


Toni Marzullo – Chairperson
Barbara Williams
Alexander Billups – Co Chairperson

Daryn Martin, PTO
Vernon Riley
Ronnell Simmons

Support Staff
Ms. Lightford