Media Center

Ivy Hill School’s Media Center is a very important component of our educational program.  Each marking cycle, selected classes are scheduled to utilize the Media Center for at least fifty-minutes each week.

With the guidance and assistance of our Media Specialist, Ms. Baldwin, students learn about: (1) the Dewy Decimal System, (2) publishing, and (3) researching, to name a few.

Ms. Baldwin has also organized the annual Book Fairs and My Very Own Library events where each child is provided with three free books.

Mission & Vision

The media center at Ivy Hill Elementary School’s mission is to provide every student with a solid foundation for lifelong learning. The school community will be provided with the skills necessary to assist our students on the road to academic success. Students will use information literacy skills and programs to access, use and apply information in an authentic way. They will develop critical thinking skills, creative information processing, and the correct use of ideas and information. The LMC will support a wide variety of programs and services that encourage reading and information literacy. As a result of the conscientious, committed, and coordinated efforts of the school community, ALL STUDENTS WILL Succeed!