We have six dedicated Language Arts Teacher in grades three through eight; our self-contained Pre-Kindergarten through grades two teachers are also a part of our literacy program.  Teachers participate in professional development sessions that focus on the integration of the Common Core ELA standards, assessment data, and strategies to produce great readers and writers.

Through the use of our various genre studies, students obtain the opportunity to acquire the necessary critical thinking abilities, knowledge, and skills to achieve their academic goals and become successful members of their community. Through a balanced literacy approach based on the cognitive apprenticeship instructional model, teachers demonstrate, guide and assist their students until they are able to independently complete the task.

The objectives of the literacy program are recursive, in that skills are taught and reinforced across the grades, allowing the students numerous opportunities to master the skills presented. As we move towards full implementation of the common core standards, the elementary grades use Core Knowledge to address the standards of the curriculum. The middle school grades use Expeditionary Learning.