CentralCrestLogoThe counseling program at Central High School is a unique and integral part of the total school program which focuses on the student as the center of the educational process. The counseling department, in conjunction with the instructional services of the school, furnishes a broad spectrum of activities and services in a continuing effort to help students develop and take his or her place as a worthwhile, self-respecting citizen of the community.

School counselors are trained professionals who possess the competencies necessary to assist a student in focusing attention on interests, needs and abilities related to home, school and environment. As student advocates, school counselors concentrate on helping students improve and develop positive student-teacher and peer relationships. Our philosophy stresses the goals of self-understanding, self-discipline, self-development and self-realization. We aim to approach these tasks creatively, realistically and professionally as we endeavor to enrich the education and development of the students.

Each student is assigned to a school counselor by the student’s last name. Additional support staff, such as a whole school reform social worker, student assistant counselor, and attendance officers are available to help students and their families.

Ms. Cheryl BowmanCollege & Career Coordinator973-733-6868
Ms. Yolanda MylesGuidance Counselor (T - Z)973-733-6868
Ms. Lavonne FurlowGuidance Counselor (A - Ch)973-733-8671
Ms. Valerie CroweGuidance Counselor (Ci - F)973-733-6626
Ms. Ivelyese PillotGuidance Counselor (G - J)973-733-8324
Mr. Danavan WillisGuidance Counselor (K - O)973-733-8669
Ms. LaTonya WhiteGuidance Counselor (P - S)973-733-8670
Fax NumberGuidance Department973-733-8212
Ms. Eniwa MurphyOffice Clerk973-733-6868