Commend a Teacher






Mr. A. Echevarria, Vice Principal
Mr. E can brighten any day with his positive energy and vocal chords. You can catch him singing in the hallways and he is ALWAYS willing to help. I know I do not only speak for myself, but Abington feels comfortable to speak to Mr. E and we know he has our back! (10/16/19)

Ms. S. Capuano, Teacher
There are few that work harder than Ms. Capuano. Whatever she does, she puts her all into it. She loves expressing herself with the written word, and she gleefully shares this passion with her young students. Thank you for caring as much as you do! (10/16/19)

Ms. C. Gencarelli, Teacher
Ms. Gencarelli knows how to manage a guided reading lesson better than most. What is remarkable is that she is always willing to share her knowledge with others. Thank you for being such a supportive co-worker! (10/16/19)

Ms. S. Fremgen, Teacher
From the first day you started at Abington, it felt as if you were meant to be here. You have a wonderful way of quietly managing your students so that your day flows beautifully and all children know what’s expected of them. You manage this despite the fact that bodies are constantly walking through your classroom, which is nothing short of miraculous! (10/16/19)

Ms. A. Steen, Teacher
Your positive attitude and calming presence, coupled with your sense of humor and delightful way with words, make you invaluable as a first grade teacher. Abington and your 6 year-olds are lucky to have you! (10/16/19)

Ms. L. Furman, Teacher
You have been referred to as the Queen of Kindergarten. Perhaps a more apt title would be the Maestro of Kindergarten. Your practice with your kindergarteners is like a symphony. A symphony requires knowing the needs of and developing all who contribute. You make beautiful music by focusing on individual musicians so that the entirety is lovely and melodic. (9/27/19)

Ms. L. Doyle, Teacher
The beginning of the year can be rough for preschoolers. You always manage to comfort children and reassure parents so that all can quickly acclimate to their new school experience. (9/27/19)

Ms. K. Gordillo, Teacher
Your smile is infectious, and your positive spirit and humor make Abington a better place. (9/27/19)

Ms. D. Sexton, Teacher
You should be commended for always being the first to assist your team members when they are in need. Thank you for your care and generosity. (9/27/19)

Ms. E. Hudak, Teacher
You are appreciated for jumping in to make sure that Ms. Martinez’s kindergarten students have all they need to start the year. You have treated those students as your own. (9/27/19)

Ms. E. Lozada, Teacher
I just wanted to take some time out to recognize the generous gesture I was given from Mrs. Lozada. She offered her personal time (preps, lunch, etc.) to help me with a very difficult task that I decided to tackle. We are not in the same grade level, not on the same floor, and have barely talked or seen each other this school year. I just wanted to share this because I think she is extraordinary. I thank her for being selfless and making an effort in supporting me as a new mom! (6/20/19)

Interventionist Team
Ms. A. Pino, Mr. M. Maione, Ms. M. Bauza, Ms. E. Hudak, and Mr. F. Pena work so diligently with our struggling learners. They are constantly finding ways to modify curricula in ways that our students will be able to access it at their level. Without the tireless efforts from these people, hundreds of students would miss out on the educational experience they deserve. It takes someone very special to teach someone very special…we are so lucky to have so many special people in one building! (6/19/19)

Custodial Team
At Abington, our custodial team are not simply the people that maintain the building. Here, Mr. Braswell, Ms. White, Mr. Camacho, Ms. Deb and the rest of the crew are beloved teachers for our students. They take the time to talk and listen to the kids, teach them certain things about their trade, and go above and beyond to make our students feel loved. While they do a great job of keeping the building clean and up to code, they bring so much value in their direct work with our students. We appreciate all of what they do here at Abington! (6/19/19)

Kindergarten and First Grade Team
Kindergarten and First Grade are in their own league. Kids in these grades are in between the eras of potty training and shoe tying and then preparing for testing and rigorous academia. These teachers do not have a lot of time to move them from one era to the other, and yet somehow, they manage to do it every year. They invent games, make crafts, sing songs and do dances to keep their students (who are literally biologically unable to stay focused for long) focused and engaged. These teachers are magicians and should be praised for the amazing work they do with their kids!

Mr. S. DeMarzo and Mr. O. Viteri
Gym is the one time of day where students get to run and be physical with their peers. Managing and regulating that is extremely challenging. Our gym teachers manage to structure gym classes so that kids not only burn off steam, but they learn the rules to new games and also how to interact respectfully with their peers outside of the classroom. Mr. V and Mr. D can be found having sideline pep talks with students of all ages on a daily basis keeping them in check and guiding them to reflect on choices and futures. Let’s not even mention the noise they have to put up with all day!!!

Ms. L. Doyle, Teacher
Ms. Doyle works wonderfully with our littlest learners. She is always attentive to them and making them feel like their voices and thoughts matter. From wiping noses and tying endless shoes to teaching 4 year olds the values of Abington, she is somewhat of a second mom to her students and we are all grateful for her work in preparing the babies for our classrooms in their future. (6/19/19)

Ms. R. Neilan, Teacher
Ms. Neilan returned to work full force and ready to take on the new challenge of being a working mom. She has managed to come back and give more of herself than ever, and has a drive and dedication to her students that is tough to match. She is always positive and helpful and willing to go above and beyond for her colleagues, making her a wonderful person to have as a colleague. (6/19/19)

Ms. N. Zisa, Teacher
In her first year at Abington, Ms. Zisa seamlessly joined our family and made herself known as students favorite teacher. Her kind demeanor, calm tones and welcoming classroom make her such a pleasure to work with. She always listens with an open heart and has positive things to say about every she comes across, both staff and students alike. (6/19/19)

Bilingual Teaching Team
The bilingual team at Abington is second to none. Working with our most vulnerable population of students is not an easy task, and yet they are ALL always smiling and willing to take on new students, new challenges, and new endeavors. Their positive outlook and team camaraderie should be the model for what it looks like to be a great team member! (6/19/19)

Ms. S. Capuano, Teacher
Ms. Capuano’s love for her students can be seen in all aspects of her teaching. She is ALWAYS thinking of new and exciting ways to engage her students and make learning meaningful. She is her students’ biggest advocate, and works hard with families to make sure kids have everything they need to be successful in her classroom. (6/19/19)

Ms. N. Larsen, Teacher
Ms. Larsen has the patience of a saint. She works with a very spirited bunch of children, and she treats them all with kindness and a nurturing disposition. Her amazing work in teaching kids with brand new curricula each year should be commended. From 5th grade to 2nd, she knows how show to show kids of all ages that they are loved and cared for in her classroom. (6/19/19)

Ms. R. Rivera and Ms. M. LaScala
These two ladies should receive commendations, accolades, floral arrangements, puppies, and parades for the hard work they do behind the scenes to keep this school running efficiently. They often come early and stay late to make sure the job is done and done right. It may not be said enough, but thank you so much for your effieciency and hard work. This school could not function with you! (6/15/19)

Ms. M. Padilla, Teacher
A big high five goes out to Ms. Padilla for her hard work in creating and implementing all of the marvelous programs that are the icing on the cake for our kids. Included among them are the Jeopardy event and Vocabulary Parade that brought joyful learning to Abington kiddos. (6/15/19)

Ms. L. Doyle, Teacher
Sending a big shout out to Laura Doyle, who strives to teach her youngest learners in a small building, isolated from the main Abington building. Despite her isolation, she works hard to create youngsters who think critically and have all of the basics required for later reading and computing, all while wiping rear-ends, teaching nose-blowing, and cleaning tables. Good job, Ms. Doyle! (6/15/19)

Ms. M. Bauza, Teacher
Mrs. Bauza is a true exemplary educator to Abington Avenue School! From fulfilling her many roles in our building to being an awesome mom, Mrs. Bauza brings a wealth of experience, kindness, and consistency to ALL our students!! Thank you for all you do, without having to, with all our students best interests in mind! You rock!! (6/14/19)

Ms. N. Lepore, Teacher
Congratulations to Ms. Lepore for winning the distinguished honor of Teacher of the Year. This award could not have been given to a more deserving teacher. Not only is Ms. Lepore an exceptional educator that takes every child’s needs in to account when delivering instruction,  but she is ALWAYS working quietly behind the scenes to uplift others, support colleagues, and make a difference in people’s lives, both in school and out. The absolute best kind of human…the world needs more people just like her. (6/10/19

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
A big congratulations is due to Ms. Carolyn Garcia for being featured in Chalkbeat for her outstanding work in education. She talks about her journey and mission in becoming the genuine mentor that she never had as a student. The honor is very well deserved! (6/10/19)
In case you missed it, here is the link: (6/10/19

Ms. E. Lozada, Teacher
Ms. Lozada is a one of a kind teacher. She is an anchor for Science instruction at Abington. She constantly works to find new and different activities to engage all Abington students in Science. She modestly seeks out professional development all over the country to bring back and share with colleagues. She has brought Robotics and Coding to Abington students and continues to seek out new and exciting programs on her own. She is remarkable in her craft and Abington is lucky to have such a dedicated and motivated teacher. (6/11/19)

Ms. J. Caban, Teacher
Kudos to Ms. Caban for guiding Abington students to compete in the 2019 Newark STEAM Expo for the very first time. She worked really hard with students to create a meaningful project for the Expo and they presented it very well and with a lot of pride. Ms. Caban always goes beyond the call of duty for her students. Providing such meaningful extensions of her classroom work is giving students opportunities and experiences that they will remember for a lifetime! (6/11/19)

Ms. L. Gwyn-Williams, Teacher
Shout out to Ms. Gwynn Williams for acting as the Abington treasurer! The extra role is not easy and we appreciate you always sharing information and handling Abington money with grace integrity. (6/11/19)

Ms. E. Camarazza & Ms. A. Uhlik, Teacher
Congratulations to Ms. Camaraza and Ms. Uhlik for putting on TWO amazing performances this school year. Watching our students light up the stage the way you train them to is absolute magic. You make miracles happen on that stage every year! We can’t wait to see what’s next! (6/11/19)

Mr. M. Martinez, Teacher
Mr. Martinez consistently holds his students to very high expectations. His interactions with them motivate them to reach and exceed those expectations time and time again. His organization, tone and delivery make his teaching effective and super fun. It is so nice to have such a positive male role model in the building for our students. (6/11/19)

Ms. V. Garcia, Teacher
When you walk in to Ms. Garcia’s room, you can immediately feel the energy of learning. Her room is impeccably organized and accessible to every student in her classroom. Kids cannot wait to go to ELA because they know they will be met with Ms. Garcia’s smile. Her upbeat attitude and always positive demeanor makes her so pleasurable to work with and motivates others to remain positive as well. She inspires teachers and students alike! (6/11/19)

Ms. J. Marotta, Teacher
Ms. Marotta is one of the most pleasant teachers in the building. Her willingness to help her colleagues is unparalleled. Whether it is a listening ear, a word of sound advice, practical solutions or a reaffirming comment, Ms. Marotta is someone we can all count on for grounding and inspiration. She teaches with grace, understands ALL her students, and works hard at creating a positive environment and energy to work within. She is a pillar of calm when things get stormy. A ray of sunshine all the time! (6/11/19)

Ms. L. Ugbo, Teacher
Ms. Ugbo is her students biggest advocate. She works diligently to make sure that all of her students are receiving the best possible educational experience that they deserve. She works closely with families to make sure that those super important home to school connections are happening and strong. She makes her instruction fun for her students, allowing them to stay engaged and master skills they were not previously able to master. (6/11/19)

Ms. C. Yamakaitis, Teacher
Ms. Yamakaitus has the patience of a saint. She takes every challenge on with a smile and a solutions based mindset. She does not waver when situations go awry as they often do. Her graceful persistence in making sure that students get what they need from her regardless of their current mental and emotional state is second to none. She works so hard to make sure that every one of her students knows that she cares deeply about them…and they do know. She has given so much of herself to her students, and it shows in everything they do. (6/11/19)

Ms. A. Jennings, Teacher
In her first year at Abington, Ms. Jennings has seamlessly joined the family. Her sense of humor and positive demeanor is refreshing. She works well with all of her colleagues, and welcomes co teachers with open arms and productive suggestions for making it work. Her students do their best in her room, because they know that she expects the best from them. Her high expectations and belief that all of her students can succeed makes our kids work to their potential when they are with her. We are grateful she chose Abington! (6/11/19)

Mr. P. Di Trolio, Teacher
Mr. Di Trolio is always willing to help anyone in the building with absolutely anything. Whether it is a technical issue, a password reset, a needed headset, printing paper, extension cords, or confused teachers, Mr. Di Trolio takes on every task and challenge with a calm tone and helping hands. He is the glue that holds a lot of Abington’s successes together. Thank you Pete! (6/11/19)

Ms. A. Palumbo & Ms. M. Resciniti, Teacher
Shout out to our AMAZING art teachers for putting together a BEAUTIFUL art gallery in the hallways. The students work shows how much they have learned from you this year and all of the sweat and tears you put in to your classroom every year. (6/11/19)

Dr. L. Fortna & Mr. R. Macnamara, Teacher
Dr. Fortna and Mr. Macnamara did an amazing job putting on a spring concert. They both do incredible jobs of finding students talents and bringing them to life. The creative abilities these kids are finding in themselves thanks to you both give them purpose and confidence that cannot be found in a book. The students will carry that with them for the rest of their lives!! Game changers! (6/11/19)

Ms. L. Gwyn-Williams, Ms. M. Resciniti & Ms. V. Flynn, Teacher
To our social committee…thank you for always going above and beyond to make sure that staff feel appreciated, have fun, and are well fed. You make Abington a fun and loving place to work, and we know that it is not an easy task. You are all the best, and we appreciate you greatly! (6/11/19)

Congratulations on building a strong pilot after school program and winning another grant to expand STEAM courses to all students at Abington. You should all be very proud of the work you did to create a one of a kind program and to showcase it to the rest of the city! (6/11/19)

Ms. S. Lazarus, Teacher
Ms. Lazarus works really hard to know each and every student that she services on both an academic and personal level. She does this to find ways of reaching our most vulnerable students in a way that gets them motivated to do things that they would not be comfortable attempting prior to meeting her. She makes her students feel confident in their abilities in the classroom and shows love and compassion to every child she is sitting in front of. (6/11/19)

Ms. A. Saginor, Teacher
Ms. Saginor has successfully transitioned in to new roles consistently since she has arrived. From resource teacher, to 3rd grade, to 4th grade and back to resource again, she has moved in to each position ready to take on the challenge with grace and openness to learn. She takes on each group of students as if they are her own, and picks up everything right where the last teacher left off. Her resilience and ability to take on these roles well has made a huge difference in the growth of the students she has taught and has allowed them all to progress seamlessly through their years without missing a beat. (6/11/19)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Ms. Intili clearly cares so very much about all of her students. All the “spirited” students gravitate towards her and love her because she shows them the love they deserve and teaches them all that they matter. She goes above and beyond for EVERY holiday and monthly celebration. Whether she is cooking, making hats, or being silly, the happy energy (and fabulous smells) are ALWAYS pouring out of her room. (6/11/19)

Ms. L. Sandoval, Teacher
Shout out to Ms. Sandoval for running the after school program all year long. From chasing down teacher’s meal counts to bringing in extracurricular activities for students, she made sure that every detail of the ASP runs smoothly and that the program is one of quality. She keeps ALL the moving pieces together! (6/11/19)

Ms. T. Jagersky, Teacher
Ms. Jagersky is our behind the scenes hero. From the PTO, to the Abington app, to keeping the books and running safety patrol…so many of the wonderful extras our students get comes through her hard work. She is constantly thinking of ways to make our students educational experience better and more well-rounded. She also turned the library in to a wonderland!!! (6/11/19)

Ms. A. Ewing & Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Congratulations on an impressive cheerleading season. The students have mastered some amazing tumbling and stunts that they would have ever been able to do without your guidance. Watching them, you would think they had been performing together for years. Their talent is a clear indication of how much tireless work you both dedicated to your students. Bravo! (6/11/19)

Ms. J. Posey, Ms. J. Aleman & Ms. D. Scott
Ms. Posey, Ms. Aleman and Ms. Scott spend their entire day making sure that our most spirited children have good days and get the tools they need to learn and have social relationships with their peers. Their paperwork never ends, and yet they always have time to talk with a stressed student, explain things to parents, and give students a calm space to figure out their troubles. Their expertise is well respected and a huge resource to our school. (6/11/19)

Ms. B. Espinoza, Teacher
Ms. Espinoza is one of the happiest people to work with. She is always smiling, always saying “hola” and “buenos dias” to everyone in the hallway. Her infectious positive attitude makes everyone around her feel happier and makes her students feel at home in her classroom. (6/11/19)

Substitute Team: Mr. Nieves, Ms. Brown, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Arocho, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Peleia, Ms. Stelmach, & Mr. Harris
Abington has the best substitute teachers. Every one of our subs takes these children on as if they were classroom teachers. When we are gone, they hold our students to the same standards and expectations that we would. It is so nice to be able to leave and know that instruction and discipline will go on as normal in our absence. They are second to none, and should be praised for the level of accountability they take over our children. (6/11/19)

Ms. L. Brown-Ugbo, Ms. S. Martin, Ms. J. Riccio, Ms. D. Rubino, Teacher
Kudos to all 8th grade teachers for their tireless efforts in getting every student prepared for the high school application process. From essays, to applications, to parent meetings and phone calls with all high schools, you all did an amazing job making sure all students had what they needed. Having you all guide our students and their families though such a complicated process was a game changer for them. Thank you for going above and beyond for each and every one of them! (5/22/19)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. C. Garcia is a wonderful and dedicated teacher.  She always acts with the goal of being the teacher she believes her students deserve.  This high expectation of herself serves as a model for the students she teaches; these students go above and beyond because they see a teacher who always does the same.  As a colleague, working alongside Ms. C. Garcia is constant reminder to do your best; the quality of her work ethic is infectious in all the best ways possible. If you are looking for a shining example of integrity, dedication, and excellence, you need not look any further than Ms. Carolyn Garcia. (5/15/19)

Ms. L. Brown-Ugbo & Ms. C. Yamakaitis, Teacher

We commend you for coming to work every day with a smile on your face and the will in your heart to embrace each new day and inspire young minds! (4/15/19)

Ms. E. Lozada, Teacher
Ms. Lozada is a spectacular teacher; her lessons are crafted to spur not only learning but genuine joy and curiosity in all students.  This thoughtfulness is not limited to her classroom either; she is always seeking new opportunities to bring valuable experiences to all the students at Abington.  Her drive is not limited to only her 7th grade students but to as many students as she can help grow.  Most beautifully, Ms. Lozada embodies a pure motivation include her colleagues; working alongside her is sure-fire path to professional growth and excellence. It is nothing but a pleasure to have her as a team member. (5/15/19)

Ms. S. Coleman, Teacher
Ms. Coleman has not been at Abington very long, but she has been a huge asset to our building.  She is always smiling and whenever asked to do something, whether it be cover a class or jump in for testing, she always says yes and never complains.  We are lucky to have her on our Abington team. (5/14/19)

Ms. S. Heintz, Vice Principal
I would like to thank Ms. Heintz for all of her hard work and dedication to making sure the NJSLA ran as smoothly as it did. She always had everything organized and ready to go each day of testing to ensure the Test Administrators, Proctors, and Hall Monitors knew what to do and where to go.  Thank you! (5/9/19)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Mrs. Intili is a phenomenal teacher and it shows through her students.  She always has a smile on her face and works so well with her kids.  You can tell how dedicated she is through all of the activities and lessons she does with her students.  Any child would be lucky to have her as their teacher.  Thank you for all you do! (5/9/19)

ELA PLC, Teachers
I would like to commend the Grade 3-5 ELA PLC for always making our time together meaningful. Each week is a pleasure to meet with the team. I find the time valuable and productive. Our work together has helped me grow as a teacher and am so thankful for the relationships that we have built. Thank you all for always having open ears and helpful suggestions! You guys rock! (1/21/19)

Ms. E. Camaraza & Ms. A. Uhlik, Teachers
Thank you for providing the students in the Drama Club such expert guidance and the opportunity to be a part of a production. Sleeping Beauty was delightful, but more importantly, the children were provided an opportunity and allowed to develop skills that would not have happened without the two of you. You are worth your weight in gold! (2/20/19)

Mr. K. Braswell, Custodian
Thank you Mr. Kevin for finally getting us WARM WATER to wash our hands with in the teachers bathroom.  After years and years of washing our hands in the Arctic Ocean, it is a blessing to have warm water. Also, thank you for the new water fountain in Room 112, it has been greatly appreciated and it is constantly used by the students. (2/19/19)

Ms. S. White, Support Staff
Ms. White goes beyond the position of custodian to serve as a role model for the children and an exemplar of positivity, humor, and energy for all. She is joy incarnate. (1/15/19)

Ms. N. Lepore, Teacher
I wish to commend Ms. Lepore for always searching for the positive. She prefers to point out what someone has done well and celebrate successes than focus on someone’s deficit. Thank you for being that beacon of light! (1/15/19)

Mr. R. McNamara, Teacher
First of all I’m a graduate of AAS. Hi Mr. MacNamera. I hope you enjoyed your half year as the new music instructor. The class of 2018-21 music majors at Arts HIgh School misses you. (1/14/19)

Ms. A. Saginor, Teacher
I am so very grateful for Ms. Saginor and her willingness to always lend a hand.  This past year, I have worked with her in various capacities and have seen her build positive relationships with her students.  She cares about their growth and tries her best to collaborate with classroom teachers to best support all her students. In my class, she takes initiative every week in designing homework packets for them so they don’t feel frustrated when they go home.  The thought and care that go into these packets is evidence of just how valuable Ms. Saginor is.  We are glad you have joined our Abington family! (10/24/18)

Ms. V. Flynn, Teacher
If you ever want to see teaching at its finest, then you need to come see Mrs. Flynn! It’s not just because she is a fine educator, but she an incredible individual who dedicates her time to making sure her students feel special and capable and loved. Throughout the years, she has become an inspiration to me. At any given point, you can walk in her room and see her conferencing with students, challenging them and supporting them every step of the way. Keep being amazing, Mrs. Flynn!  Abington is so lucky to have you. (10/24/18)

Ms. A. McPherson, Teacher
I have the pleasure of working alongside Ms. McPherson, and it makes me so proud to see how lucky our students are to have such a dedicated, thoughtful teacher. She strives for excellence in everything that she does because she knows her students deserve that much. Her professionalism, compassion, and commitment to them is unmatched, and so I thank you for being such a fantastic role model (10/24/18)

Ms. J. Marotta, Teacher
Mrs. Marotta has taught all four of my children at some point. I have one son who is particularly hard to teach because he has dyslexia and is a bit hyperactive. She was the only teacher in the whole school that sat with him one on one and was able to bring his grades and reading level up. She even got him to do homework which always frustrated him before. She is great and I wish she could continue to teach my kids! (8/6/18)

Ms. C Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia has done a tremendous job with the inclusion pilot this year while taking on a new grade level and new co-teacher. Not only does she continue to be a model and welcome visitors into her classroom but she seeks feedback and appreciates the opportunities to grow her own practice. Thanks for being an integral part of the team! (4/3/18)

Ms. D. Schulze, Teacher
Ms. Schulze is truly a one of a kind teacher. She has a way of working with students that makes them feel like they can accomplish things that they were not able to before. She meets every student wherever they are and gives them the confidence and the tools they need to be successful. When you walk in her classroom, there is always a sense of peace, camaraderie and hard work. She is her students biggest advocate, and somehow finds the time to advocate for us teachers as well! We appreciate her strength and are so grateful for her dedication! (3/10/18)

Ms. E. Lozada, Teacher
Ms. Lozada consistently goes above and beyond for her students by providing them with multiple experiences outside of the science curriculum. One example is giving students the exposure to technology by having students create their own tablet applications and practice computer coding and programming. She deserves to be commended for her consistent hard work and dedication to her students’ success inside and outside of the classroom. (2/28/18)

Ms. V. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia is a hard working dedicated teacher who strives to use best practices in her teaching. She is a caring teacher who wants her students to succeed no matter the obstacles. Her consistent dedication to improving her practice is evident and she deserves recognition for her hard work! (2/28/18)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia is a phenomenal teacher and friend. She is always thinking about her students first and how to make sure her
students can grow. A quote from one of her students states, “I love Ms. Garcia’s classroom. Her room is decorated with cool posters that help us remember important math concepts!” These posters are hand made anchor charts that Ms. Garcia creates in order to help her students feel a connection to mathematics. (2/28/18)

Mr. M. Martinez, Teacher
Mr. Martinez consistently goes above and beyond for his students and faculty. On any given day, he is seen working way past the last bell. He goes above and beyond the ELA curriculum in order to provide his students with learning opportunities that match their skills, ability and interests. He should be recognized for his consistent dedication to his students and his own learning. (2/28/18)

Ms. M. Bernandino, Teacher Coach-Math
Ms. Bernardino has gone out of her way to support the newmath teachers on our faculty. She has spent her own time after school planning with us and team teaching with frequency so that we can become more secure in our practice. Because of her skill and efforts and our trust and faith in her, we have been able to make great strides. On behalf of all of the new math teachers, thank you! (1/17/18)

Ms. R. Neilan, Teacher
Ms. Neilan is full of energy and always willing to learn, grow and go above and beyond. She wants to do what’s best and is always seeking new things to try to reach each and every one of her students. She is reflective, questions herself, and wants to do right by her kids, all signs of a good teacher. (12/21/17)

Ms. C. Furman, Teacher
Ms. Furman has been very reflective in her practice. She is open and receptive to trying new strategies and has made such progress with her students. A reflective practice and open mind takes strength. Kudos to you Ms. Furman! (12/21/17)

Ms. N. Larsen, Teacher
Ms. Larsen has been a wonderful addition to Abington. Her classroom always emits the low humming sounds of children at work. She gives of her own time to help her students before school and works the Saturday program to make sure her struggling students have the extra support that they need. She puts her whole heart into teaching. (12/21/17)

Ms. A. Saginor, Teacher
Ms. Saginor took a risk and stepped up for a group of children. This class needed consistency and care and she has been working so hard to provide them with a healthy environment to grow and learn. Thank you Ms. Saginor. It is ALWAYS about the children! (12/21/17)

Ms. D. Sexton, Teacher
Dana has always been a very kind and helpful coworker. During my two medical leaves over the past 2 years, Dana has always supported the Pre-K class in any way that she could. From working at my home with me, writing lesson plans, assisting substitutes with curriculum and completing paperwork she single-handedly managed a smooth transition for the preschool students and the covering of staff all while she managed her own school responsibilities and family. Without her tireless efforts, my most recent transition back would have been hectic and stressful. Dana once again stepped up to help me with anything that was needed.  I could not imagine working without her professionalism, friendliness and positive work attitude! Dana did not lend a helping hand, she lent me two helping hands and I will be forever grateful. (10/27/17)

Mr. G. Tringale, Teacher
Mr. Tringale is a fun and funny teacher. He is one of my best teachers. I never really liked ELA but Mr. Tringale made it fun. We’d be playing around in class sometimes. He was always in a good mood. He was always fun and really helpful. This is from one of your not yet top star student. (9/19/17)

Mr. K. Braswell, Head Custodian
Mr. Braswell and the rest of the custodial staff worked around the clock to make sure that the building was safe and ready for staff and students on the first day of school. He assisted teachers in every way possible by making special accommodations and arrangements to provide access to rooms for setup. He continues to serve the school in ways that are not often seen. We appreciate you Kevin! (9/15/17)

Ms. M. & Ms. Hernandez
I would like to thank them both for not only working with him but showing compassion and love towards my child. It means the world to me and I thank you for it. (7/17/17)

Ms. Y. Gonzalez-Perez, Teacher
It’s sad to say farewell to a good friend and colleague but happy to see you going to a great position and an exciting new opportunity. Thank you for sharing your laughter, light and wisdom. You will never be forgotten. (6/13/17)

Ms. L. Ortiz, Student Support
Great Job with Career Day! So well organized! Children really enjoyed the presentations! (6/9/17)

Ms. C. Gencarelli, Teacher
Thank you so much for working with my daughter all year. Your dedication has really paid off, and raised her reading level. (6/6/17)

Ms. A. Martinez, Teacher
Thank you for being so supportive this year. You have really helped me when I needed it. Sometimes it just the little things that mean so much! (6/6/17)

Ms. T. Jagersky, Teacher
Tracy is always there to support the staff of Abington Avenue! She comes up with great ideas that keep the morale going at Abington. Thank you for your dedication! (6/6/17)

Ms. B. Camarazza, Teacher
I would like to commend the Beth Camarazza , Amy Uhlik, Tracy Jagersky, Amanda Palumbo, Marion, Resciniti, Virgin Perez, for the joint effort in The Little Mermaid, Jr. The play was magnificent! The dedication and hard work of our staff members and students really paid off! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Abington Drama Club! (6/6/17)

Mr. E. Lozada, Teacher
Ms. Lozada is a dedicated Science teacher. She does wonderful experiments with her students, and she attends summer workshops in order to gain the knowledge that she needs to implement in her classroom for the school year. It’s great having her as a colleague. (4/5/17)

Ms. A. Uhlik, Teacher
Ms. Uhlik is a passionate ELA teacher that’s dedicated to her craft. She’s open to visitors’ viewing and observing her classroom so that she can model and demonstrate her teaching techniques. She’s also very helpful when anyone needs assistance. Thank you Ms. Uhlik. (4/4/17)

Mr. A. Echevarria, CIO
Mr. Echevarria always has time to address our concerns. The bilingual teachers appreciate his great mood and positivity,  his kind and motivating words as well as his respectful and professional demeanor. We thank him for always celebrating our successes inside and outside of the classroom. We appreciate Mr. Echevarria for being so supportive and for trying his best to build a positive school community. His energy and encouragement never go unnoticed. The children know him, respect him and admire him. We thank you for always being approachable at any given time.  Bilingual Team (3/19/17)

Ms. B. Camaraza, Teacher
Congratulations to Ms. Camaraza on an amazing show! I know she didn’t do it alone so kudos to Mrs. McDowell, Dr. Fortna and Mr. Serrano and all who were involved. I know that Ms. Camaraza worked very hard and the first show with the drama club was a HUGE success.I’m looking forward to many more shows featuring the collaboration of the band, chorus and drama club! (3/3/17)

Ms. D. Rubino, GT Teacher
I would like to thank Ms. Rubino for all her extra help this year. Anytime I have a question she answers it right away. If there is something I am unsure about she is able to find an answer. Thank you for all your help! (2/15/17)

Ms. L. Torsiello, Synergistics Teacher
Ms. Torsiello has been extremely helpful this year. Whether it be helping with a rich task, Interim Assessments, or responding to a question about the Chromebooks, she is always readily available, and happy to help. (2/14/17)

Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
Mrs. Bernardino goes above and beyond for her students and the school. It is wonderful to see a teacher who cares so much about the well-being and academic success of her students. Not only is she one of the first teachers in the building each morning, but she is also one of the last to leave at night. She puts her students first and if they are hurting, she is hurting. If they need extra help, she is right there to give it to them on her own time. Her kindness and generosity does not go unnoticed. Her students are very lucky to have such a kind, generous, and hard-working teacher! Great job, Mrs. Bernardino! (1/20/17)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Mrs. Intili is an amazing teacher! She loves to teach as much as her students love to learn. When I walk by her room, her students are eagerly working to solve the rich tasks she assigns during Math. Students are using manipulatives, and working with each other to persevere through the problem. When you see how enthusiastic her students are when they work, you can tell how wonderful Mrs. Intili is as a teacher. (1/11/17)

Ms. A. Reyes, Social Worker
Senorita Reyes, me gustaria dejarle saber que cuando tuve preocupaciones con el aprendizaje de mi hijo usted fue una persona muy importante para llevar el problema con mucha tranquilidad, comprension, y colaboracion. Usted fue muy profesional en el tema. Usted se encargo de proporcionar un plan de estrategias e intervenciones para ayudar a mi hijo superar sus dificultades y estoy muy agradecida por su apoyo que en esos momentos fue muy importante. La escuela se beneficia mucho con usted de ser parte del equipo. Que Dios la bendiga y que siga haciendo igual. K. Velasquez(1/6/17)

Ms. B. Espinoza, Teacher
Profesora Espinoza, debo reconocer que es una maestra muy competente, profesional y con mucho conocimiento en la educacion. Estoy muy agradecida por todos los logros que mi hijo ha tenido con usted. Gracias a su metodo de ensenanza el aprendio que leer y escribir es divertido. Gracias por su constante motivacion al alumno para querer aprender cada dia mas. Gracias por alimentar el autoestima y el liderazjo del alumno (mi hijo). Que Dios la bendiga para que siga haciendo su buen trabajo. (1/6/17)

Ms. S. Capuano, Teacher
Although this is Ms. Capuano’s first year in Abington, she has already shown what a dedicated and thoughtful teacher she is. I have had several conversations with her, and as her colleague, I can appreciate how devoted she is to her students’ progress. I think Ms. Capuano is a great addition to the Abington family, and I wish her nothing but luck and support! (12/22/16)

Ms. A. Ewing, Teacher
Ms. Ewing’s creative methods and industriousness make her a welcome addition to the Abington family. Queen B is often the last to leave this building, as she wants her lessons to be perfect for her children. Her smiling face and optimism are contagious! (12/21/16)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Ms. Intili is an integral part of the heart of the school. She is always looking out for everyone, her children and her fellow staff members. Her empathetic spirit always leads her to consider the paths that others follow and their challenges and heartbreaks along the way. She is often the first to reach out a helping hand or to let others know that she feels their pain. Her kindness makes this school a better place. (12/21/16)

Ms. S. Capuano, Teacher
It is so wonderful to have such a conscientious teacher join our school. She is working so hard to help her children achieve and has reached out to partner with others in this endeavor. Welcome to Abington Ms. Cap! (12/21/16)

Ms. E. Hudak, Reading Coach
Ms. Hudak has been exceptionally flexible the first month of school.  She provided my team with support so that we could be more efficient in the classroom.  And needless to say, I can always tell when my students worked with her the year before in reading.  The accuracy and fluency with which they read demonstrates how much they have benefited being in her small groups.  Thank you, Ms. Hudak, for your dedication to the students. (9/22/16)

Ms. Y. Gonzalez, Community Engagement Specialist
Jessie muchísimas gracias por su apoyo y amabilidad de atender a las personas en especial a nuestros niños que sin importar de donde vengan siempre brinda ayuda y es un placer trabajar para usted y la escuela como madre voluntaria me fascina hacerlo y al personal de todas las profesoras del plantel. (9/8/16)

Ms. S. Heintz, Vice Principal
Gracias por todo su apoyo a Janet Ortega de todo corazón valió la pena el esfuerzo suyo y mio a motivarla ya que fue una bella experiencia en Appel Farm y ahora está ya estudiando en la hischool de art. (9/8/16)

Ms. S. Heintz, Vice Principal
Mrs. Heintz, thank you for everything you did for me during the year! You did SO MUCH! If it wasn’t for you, I would have not have known Appel Farm and have so much good memories. I know you love me and my family a lot and that you continue to do good things for us. (9/6/16)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher (Room 201)
Thank you for making 6th grade one of the best years I have had! I wish you could be my 7th grade Math teacher! Then 8th grade. (9/6/16)

Ms. L Petruzelli, Teacher
I loved Math class this year. It was really fun. I can’t wait to improve in Math in the next grade.
P.S. Sorry if I spelled your last name wrong. (9/6/16)

Ms. A. Uhlik, Teacher
Thanks for being a good teacher. Fifth grade ELA was OK. (9/6/16)

Ms. A. De Sousa, Teacher
Thank you for being an awesome Science teacher. Fifth grade Science was really cool and exciting. I will never forget the fun in 5th grade Science. (9/6/16)

Ms. E. Lozada, Teacher
The reason why I commend Ms. Lozada, the 7th grade teacher, is because Ms. Lozada makes learning fun. I was real lucky to have her. I wish she could be the 8th grade Science teacher for the class of 2016-17 ;). I hope you continue your way of teaching. I am grateful I had you. (6/15/16)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia, the school year is coming to an end, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You are the reason why I am Me. You say that you love us and some people don’t believe it but I do. You hold a very special place in my heart. You’re my 2nd mother. When everyone doubted me, you made me feel confident enough to break out of my shell and BE ME. Since the first day I met you I knew you were going to be very nice and helpful. I LOVE YOU. (5/31/16)

Ms. M. Papandrea, Teacher Aide
Mimi is a ray of sunshine in the morning when we arrive! She greets everyone with a smile and, many times, a joke! She is also very professional and loving in her capacity as an aide in our kindergarten. The older children love her, also, and enjoy visiting her and speaking with her. She follows her “babies’ as they advance at Abington and they know they can go to her anytime! (5/5/16)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia is so much fun. She makes me happy all the time. She is like a 16 year old sister I never had. When we learn something new, she finds a song about it or a joke. My life was so bad but Ms. Garcia helps me get to the top. She makes me happy to be in school. ❤ (4/20/16)

Ms. L. Torsiello, Teacher
I have watched Lauren grow in to the young lady she is now for 11 years, since she started out as a sub! I appreciate the work that she does for the 8th grade, always making sure our special events are taken care of and keeping great records. She is efficient and hard-working, and a true professional. God Bless her as she enters a new phase of her life as a soon-to-be mommy! (4/20/16)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Val is the heart and soul of Abington. When I walk into her classroom I see students happy to be there and learning every moment. She is creative, caring, and hard-working. Besides what she does in the classroom, Val cares about her co-workers and always shows it. God Bless Val, an Abington Angel (4/20/16)

Ms. J. Riccio, Teacher
When Jillian started as a student teacher many years ago, she was already a mature and competent teacher! Having taught with her since the beginning, I have to say that she was a true professional right from the start-confident, knowledgeable, and motivating. Her classroom management skills were always there. I have learned from her and I know that she will continue her excellence. She also has a big heart and now she will be the ” old lady’ up in the 8th grade penthouse! God Bless her and continued success to Abington 8th grade and everyone else! (4/20/16)

Mr. G. Tringale, Teacher
Teaching with Gabe these past 3 years has been an adventure! “White Slice” is an interesting, brilliant, and faith-led person with a wonderful sense of humor and a deep commitment to teaching. Coaching basketball takes up a lot of his time but he does a wonderful job and all of the players, boys and girls, respect him. He truly represents Abington well and we can all be proud of him! God Bless Gabe and continued blessing to him and his family and to our Abington Family! (4/20/16)

Ms. S. Heintz, Vice Principal
Congratulations Ms. Heintz! The College of Education and Human Services recently selected Ms. Heintz the recipient of the William A. Cuff Educator Award for 2016. This award is given to an outstanding educator and individual who has made significant contributions to education. We at Abington Avenue School have long recognized Ms. Heintz’s tireless efforts on behalf of students and staff. Her support, generosity, untiring commitment to education, her advocacy on behalf of children is an inspiration to us all! (4/13/16)

Ms. E. Camaraza, Teacher
A big THANK YOU to Ms. Camaraza and her students for helping me enter the world of Google. Because of them, I am able to use Google Classroom successfully and provide immediate feedback to my students via Google Docs. Kudos to the 6th grade! (4/5/16)

Ms. C. Garcia, Teacher
Ms. Garcia is a wonderful teacher. Whenever she teaches us  something new, we learn a song for it. She always tells us the positive  things about us and I feel very comfortable in her class. (4/2/16)

Ms. D. Rubino, Teacher
Mrs. Rubino is very helpful and is always willing to work with the staff and students at any given time. She has a sense of humor and welcomes you with open arms. I enjoy working with her! (3/28/16)

Ms. J. Valle, Teacher
Kudos to Ms. Valle. You have really shown through! The children are always engaged in whatever lesson you are teaching. You have taught them to love learning! (3/3/16)

Ms. D. Rubino, Teache
I would like to commend Mrs. Rubino. She is always willing to help out anyone. If she isn’t sure she will find out for you! Ms. Rubino is one of a kind! (3/3/16)

Ms. L. Torsiello, Teacher
Ms. Torsiello is extremely helpful! Whenever in a jam, especially with testing. She is always so patient. Thank you Ms. Torsiello. (3/3/16)

Ms. A. Palumbo & Ms. M. Resciniti, Teachers
Ms. Palumbo and Ms. Resciniti did a wonderful job on all the decorations for not only Dr. Seuss Day, but also the Black History Concert! The artwork was beyond exceptional! We are so lucky to have them at Abington Avenue School! (3/3/16)

Ms. M. Padilla, Teacher
Ms. Padilla is the best teacher to the 7th grade because her students learn a lot of information about fair working conditions and southern Sudan. She is the best. She recently got married so congratulations. LOVE YOU! (2/24/16)

Mr. P. Di Trolio, Teacher Coach-Technology
On behalf of the Abington Avenue Family, we all want to say thank you Pete for being so dedicated to our school, and your craft. You have been a rock for all of us here at Abington so it is only fitting that we commend you for your work, patience and for persevering during these most difficult of times. THANK YOU! (1/30/16)

Mr. K. Braswell, Custodian
Mr. Braswell was my savior as he worked to have a valve installed on the radiator in our classroom. It is finally no longer unbearable in here and we can work comfortably thanks to his efforts. It’s nice to know that someone is listening to our concerns and responding-good lookin’ out! Thanks again, Kev!!!!! (1/20/16)

Mr. A. Echevarria, CIO
Kudos to Mr E! The first day of Saturday school was a big success with over 60 kids showing up. His vision is becoming a reality! (1/9/16)

Ms. A. Uhlik, Teacher
Congratulations to Ms.Uhlik for her beautiful, winning door display, but also for inspiring some of the students in her class to begin a book club, which they have invited her to join! A true testament to Ms.Uhlik’s hard work and dedication! (12/14/15)

Mr. K. Braswell, Custodian
A BIG Thank You to Mr. Kevin for taking care of a lot of jobs in this building that some of us would never want to do. You are a prince in disguise. Thank you for always coming when called. WE LOVE YOU! (11/24/15)

Ms. S. Heintz, Vice Principal
A commendation to S. Heintz may be insufficient to express the dedication, confidence & love this woman has bestowed upon me as a student from Abington Avenue to a present adult. A contagious affection easily reached every student’s hearts. But when the school clock ticked 3 o’clock, I was chained back to my long companion, unhappiness, which engulfed every inch of my childhood home, a dreadful routine for eight years, where compassion was expressed at school but misery consumed my home & my parents. But her skill and admirable personality (along with Mr. Torsiello who was VP at the time) convinced me that wonderful souls like hers exist outside of school & home. I have come to learn that extraordinary truth.I am now expected to graduate this upcoming November from my university, proudly obtaining my B.S. in Cybersecurity. Between a short timeline there are countless people I’m thankful for, but I could not have started this journey of self-confidence if it wasn’t for Ms. Heintz communication of love towards me at such a vulnerable and adolescent stage in life.Ms. Heintz is a prime example of a fictional character you read in children’s books, too good to be true. My only wish is for her to continue extending that same affection to students who are deprived of love and support. I hope she continues gracing my childhood school Abington Avenue. (10/28/15)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Open house was a success. We were very welcomed by Ms. Intili. She answered all my questions with a smile and assured us a good year. Feeling comfortable is very important for not only the parent but for the child. Keep up the great work. (9/18/15)

Ms. E. Luongo, Teacher
Ms. Luongo is being commended for being the best. Because of her I learned way more things in six grade than in fifth grade and over all she is fun. (6/16/15)

Mr. J. Serrano, Instrumental Teacher
Mr. Serrano’s concert Friday was fantastic! The children were excellent. His dedication to the students really came shining through. The children not only played like true professionals but were dressed like them! My students enjoyed every part and were still talking about it after today’s flag day concert. They all said they cannot wait to be part of the band! It was magnificent! (6/15/15)

Ms. D. Schulze, Teacher
Ms. Schulze is the best teacher. She is doing a drive for Texas Flood and that is a good thing. The team in Room 109 loves her very much. She has worked very hard and our Room 109 team is doing something for her love – Dymir (6/3/15)

Ms. M. Jenkins, Vice Principal
Mrs. Jenkins has been a great asset to our school this year. She displayed that her main priority is to be a team player with her staff, and to work diligently with the students. Her presence is very welcoming and noble. She’s friendly, professional, and a hard-working woman, and I’m grateful that she’s part of our team! (5/28/15)

Mr. C. Ridriguez, Teacher
Mr. Rodriguez, since coming aboard Abington you have been nothing short of gracious. Yesterday at the mentor / mentee dinner you really did a great job. The children who were our servers, hostesses and host were respectful and courteous. They really knew what they were doing. I was so impressed. The way the dinner was set up really gave me a chance to sit and get to know my mentee. There was such a positive energy in the room. You really touched our hearts with your motivational speech. GREAT JOB! WHAT A SUCCESSFUL DAY! (5/22/15)

Ms. M. Bauza & Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
Congratulations ladies on a great play. The students truly enjoyed it. All your hard work really paid off. The children were well rehearsed and really knew their parts. It was wonderful watching old students perform. You both did a wonderful job. Great team work! (5/22/15)

Ms. Alfone, Teacher
Ms. Alfone is a team player. She always steps up to help out whenever needed whether it’s to cover a class, translate for parent teacher conferences, or watch your class so you can run to the restroom! Thank you Ms. Alfone! (5/21/15)

Ms. Bauza, Teacher
Ms. Bauza is a creative, caring and hardworking teacher. She is an amazing addition to the Abington family and the 4th grade is lucky to have her! (5/21/15)

Mr. C. Rodrigues, Teacher
Mr. Rodriguez is an awesome teacher and person! He is always willing to assist any student or teacher. Carlos has brought the F.U.N program to Abington Avenue School which will also benefit students outside of the classroom. (5/14/15)

Ms. E Luongo, Teacher
Ms. Luongo is an all-around team player! She works with her coworkers on activities in order to create cross-curricula activities for the 6th grade class. She cares for her students and is a wonderful person to be around! (5/14/15)

Ms. L. Ortiz, Guidance Counselor
Ms. Ortiz is doing an awesome job as a guidance counselor!
She has been so helpful to the students and teachers in so many ways. There is never a problem too small or too big she is not willing to assist a student with. Keep up the FANTASTIC job! (5/14/15)

Ms. E. Luongo, Teacher
Every time I walk into Ms. Luongo’s classroom students are engaged in some sort of hands-on math assignment that has students working together collaboratively building social relationships and developing teamwork skills they will utilize throughout life. When asked, each one can tell you what they are doing and why they are doing it which is a testament to her effectiveness in the classroom. Keep up the good work. I know your students benefit greatly from your support and dedication to them. (5/13/15)

Ms. Palumbo, Teacher
Anything you need–personal and professional–that needs to be” glittered up”–we all go to Amanda! She never says no, and therefore is always busy. The students love her as does the entire faculty. For such a young person, she has a wisdom and maturity beyond her years. We are truly blessed to have “Ms. P. here at Abington! Please don’t change! (5/5/15)

Ms. I. Lopez, Teache
Ms. Lopez is a beloved member of our 8th grade team and family. As a retiree this year, she has taught me how to handle my retirement year–the same as any other year! She has remained professional, compassionate, and dedicated to Abington and her students.She has been here and done her job with the same love and humility as always. All of the students love Ms. Lopez–Regular Education and her own alike. She has a special bond with all of her students–current and former–and their families. They all adore her! We will miss her very much and we promise to always include her students in all 8th grade activities. Lots of luck to Iris, Ernie, and their girls, as she enters this most exciting new phase of her life. God Bless You Always, Ms. Lopez, and thank you for all you have done to make Abington the amazing place it is! AND–you LOOK as amazing as you are! (5/5/15)

Ms. L. Doyle, Teacher
Ms. Doyle’s line of work is one of the hardest and most important in the world…getting little minds ready for learning. She does this and more and somehow manages to get 15 – 3 and 4 year olds dressed and undressed, pottied and fed, napped and comforted in between teaching reading and writing, fine and gross motor development, and social/emotional skills. I could go on for days. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our littlest learners. 🙂 (4/27/15)

Abington Avenue School, Teachers
To all the teachers who participated in the Wax Museum and the Living Time Line. Fantastic Job! You’re hard work really paid off! The children loved it! Great team effort! (4/23/15)

Ms. V. Intili, Teacher
Ms. Intili is such a wonderful teacher! She makes sure all the students in her class feel welcomed and loved and their bellies full. 🙂 (4/23/15)

Mr. R. Kazanjian, Vice Principal
Mr. Kazanjian has bounced back into what is going on with his teachers and students. He is always aware which is very comforting. (4/21/15)

Ms. L. Foster & Ms. Z. Kamara, Teacher
These two women are remarkable. They are always here helping our students who need extra attention. They are always putting students before themselves. Point blank, they are amazing women and I love working with them. (4/21/15)

Mr. C. Rodriguez, Teacher
Who doesn’t love him? He has brought so much life to teaching. I admire his outlook. It’s always beneficial four our scholars. (4/21/15)

Ms. J. Caban, Teacher
Ms. Caban is amazingly involved in our students’ education. So much input for a new person in middle school. Always open to ideas but will express her own. KUDOS baby! (4/21/15)

Ms. J. Caban, Teacher
Not only does she brings her expertise but brings life. The students and coworkers love working and learning in an atmosphere that is so non-judgmental. Awesome for a 1st year Science teacher!

Keep doing what you do because the students and coworkers learn so much. (4/21/15)

Ms. G. Carras, Teacher
What can’t I say? Ms. Carras encourages her students and has them raise to a higher bar. She always has positive feedback as well as progressive feedback. They love her and we do to! She wears many hats and is not acknowledged for it. (4/21/15)

Ms. A. Martinez, Teacher
Ms. Martinez is so creative. Her words of wisdom really inspire her students and the people she works with! (4/5/15)

Ms. E. Camaraza, Teacher
Ms. Camaraza is so beautiful on the inside and out! We are so glad you are here! (3/25/15)

Mr. C. Rodriguez, Teacher
Mr. Rodgriguez comes in every day smiling and greets all of his co-workers with that booming pleasant voice. Sometimes even when I am in a bad way I see him and he turns my day and my attitude around! Thank you! Your attitude is contagious! WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! (3/25/15)

Ms. B. Espinoza, Teacher
Ms. Espinoza truly enjoys the art of teaching! Every day she instills in her students the awe and wonder of learning new things. As she uses the principals of Bloom’s Taxonomy, she involves her students completely in the learning process. She is a master at working to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses so as to assist them in the learning process. Her hands on approach to teaching various science topics makes the learning process enjoyable for her students. Anyone who enters her classroom can definitely see that learning is taking place with an educator who teaches with lots of love and patience. (3/21/15)

Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
Ms. Bernardino has consistently demonstrated her professional skills in her work with all the students in her classroom. She has been diligent in learning models of intervention to address the needs of some of her students who present significant challenges, both academically and emotionally. Ms. Bernardino has been receptive to input and feedback from other disciplines thus promoting a philosophy of “best practice.” Thank you Ms. Bernardino. (3/20/16)

Mr. W. Puerta, Teacher
Mr. Puerta is new to Abington this year but he has been so busy helping out in 5th and 8th grade math that it seems as if he has been here forever! Great job! Thank you. (3/19/15)

Ms. T. Marateo, Teacher
Ms. Marateo is always trying to think of new ways to get the children to learn. She is dedicated to her children at Abington Avenue School!

Ms. M. Bauza, Teacher
Abington is blessed to have a new fourth grade teacher this year. Melissa Albelo-Bauza is conscientious, hardworking, enthusiastic, organized and very pleasant to work with. Her eye-popping and creative bulletin boards display the hard work and progress of her students. As she always thanks me for servicing her students, I’d like to thank her for being an integral factor in shaping the lives of her students. She is definitely a welcome addition to our Abington family! (3/17/15)

Ms. J Valle, Teacher
Ms. Valle is a great asset to Abington Avenue. She makes learning so much fun for her children. She adds that little extra …every day. (3/17/15)

Ms. C. Jacone, Teacher
Ms. Jacone is a great co-worker. She is always willing to go the extra mile. She cares about her kids. SHE IS A TRUE TEAM PLAYER! (3/17/15)

Ms. L. Ortiz, Guidance Counselor
Welcome Back Ms. Ortiz! Ms. Ortiz goes above and beyond to help any student or staff member in need. She truly cares about her children. She also checks on them daily. She is always visible and always has the time to sit in on a meeting or a class discussion. We are so glad you are back! (3/17/15)

Ms. T. Jagersky, Teacher
What DOESN’T Ms. Jagersky do? She’s SLC Co-Chairperson (along with the equally marvelous Ms. Hudak!) teacher, fundraiser, and Student Council Advisor. Now, she’s running a school store and looking to start Safety Patrols. What would Abington do without her. (3/13/15)

Ms. C. Gonzalez, Teacher
I’m so happy with the hard work of Ms. Gonzalez and her understanding for the kids, especially for my son. He is making progress and it’s all because of Ms. Gonzalez. There is no better place than Abington School. Thank you Ms. Gonzalez. (3/1/15)

Ms. J. Hendricks & Ms. A. Pino, Teacher
I would like to thank Ms. Pino and Ms. Hendriks for their creativity marking 100 Days of School. Their message was presented in a celebratory manner but I also believe that children understood the importance of school attendance. Thank you Ladies! (2/25/15)

Ms. C. Gonzalez, Teacher
Cynthia is always friendly and positive and willing to help all of the teachers, not just those she works with. Her compassion and love of the students is evident every day! (1/29/15)

Ms. L. Torsiello, Computer Teacher
You wear so many hats at this school, Computer Teacher, Math Lab Teacher, Math Support, Assistant Testing Coordinator, LIFFT Member and Treasurer. I know there must be some I’m missing. What’s remarkable is that you do them all so well and never say no when another task is thrown your way. Thank you for your expertise, level of industry, and commitment to the kids and staff of Abington! (1/23/15)

Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
Thank you for being so generous in sharing your expertise with your fellow staff members! We’re so glad you agreed to join the Abington family. (1/23/15)

Abington Avenue School
I want to commend all those staff members and administrators who each day enrich the lives of children in this community. I find solace in knowing that your dedication and efforts are making a difference. THANK YOU! (11/26/14)

Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
It is the day before Thanksgiving, a day to thank God for all our blessings and to recognize those individuals who make this world a better place. Thank you, Ms. Bernardino for your enthusiasm, professionalism and compassion. You truly make a difference in the lives of children. (11/26/14)

Ms. C. Gonzalez, Teacher
“Ms. Gonzalez is eager to learn and grow as an educator. She cares about her students and is always open to suggestions and ideas.” (11/19/14)

Ms. D. Schulze, Teacher “The time is right for one of us to recognize the hard work that Deborah Schulze is putting out in her classroom. I didn’t talk to her and see how great she is as a teacher. I covered her class and the charts around the room and her students’ comments gave me the snapshot I needed to compose this message. Thank you Deborah Schulze for truly making a difference for many Newark students!” (11/14/14)

Ms. M. Bernardino, Teacher
“Ms. Bernardino is a great Avington Avenue staff. She really cares about her children. Welcome to the Avington Avenue Family!” (10/23/14)

Ms. A. Pino, Teacher
“Ms. Pino is a team player. She is always readily available to help the children. She also shares any and all information in our subject area. We are so glad to have her as part of the Abington Avenue team.” (10/23/14)

Ms. G. Carras, Teacher
Ms. Carras goes above and beyond our curriculum to assist our students. She often relates real-world problems to the skills being learned. Often I found myself learning from her. Much Kudos to you!” (10/21/15)

Ms. J. Caban, Ms. E. Camaraza, Mr. C. Rodriguez, Teachers
Working with Mr. Rodriguez, Mrs. Caban, and Mrs. Camaraza has been inspiring. Sharing ideas at ease with our students at the central focus is invigorating.” (10/21/14)

Abington Avenue School Teachers
“Thank you for welcoming us (the new teachers at Abignton) with open arms! Kudos!” (10/21/14)

Ms. M. Jenkins & Mr. A. Echevarria, Vice Principal / CIO
“Welcome to Abington, Ms. Jenkins AND Mr. Echevarria! You have both fit into the Abington Family Team with your friendliness, empathy, and down-to-earth attitudes. Ms. Jenkins is getting to know our students and has been particularly helpful to a few 8th graders in need. Mr. Echevarria greets all of the students whenever he sees them and also has helped a few of the 8th graders. Their enthusiasm and obvious love of their jobs has impressed the class of 2015. Thank You!” (10/21/14)

Abington Avenue School Staff
“The entire Abington Avenue staff is worthy of commendation. No matter what else is going on or how challenging our jobs might be, I rarely witness anyone allowing themselves to become complacent. All continue to offer our students their best. On behalf of our very deserving students, thank you for caring and striving to be the best educators you can be.” (9/22/14)