School Programs

After School-Extended Learning Time
The function of Extended Learning Time is to provide additional help to students in order to prepare students for PARCC and to familiarize them with test-taking strategies through the use of supplemental activities and materials. Among the programs offered as part of ELT are

  • Principal Program: Reading, Writing, Math (Grade 1-2)
  • Excel Program (Grade 3-7)
  • BEEP (Bilingual Program)

The GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) meet every Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:30. The club consists of approximately 30 girls in 5th-7th grade. GEMS was started to increase interest in STEM for girls and to expose them to the fun and wonder of Math, Science and Engineering. Each week we meet to plan, build, design, share, and reflect on activities pertaining to these subject areas. It is a hands-on experience for girls to work in collaborative groups exploring fields in which women are underrepresented. Our club has had the benefit of being sponsored through a partnership with Covanta Energy.

Saturday Institute
Saturday Institute provides remedial support to specified students in a small group setting. Skills are acutely targeted and assessed regularly to ensure progression. Additionally, students engage in two special activities-Character Education and STEM.

Drama Club
In Drama Club students learn improvisational skills, theater terminology and work on dramatic and musical performances while learning all aspects of theater production. This increases their verbal lexicon as well by focusing on lyrics, which regularly feature figurative language, allusion, and other literary devices. We meet 2-4 times per week depending on the grade level. Junior Drama club meets 2 days a week in the Fall and Senior Drama Club meets 4 days a week in winter/spring.

MVOL (My Very Own Library)

CLI (Children’s Literacy Initiative)
The Children’s Literacy Initiative is a non-profit organization that assists teachers of grades K-1 in developing students’ positive connection with reading, writing, and quality literature. The major goal is to prevent illiteracy by intervening during the early years at school. The CLI staff conducts training workshops, offers parent outreach workshops and coaches teachers one-on-one. An intensive summer institute focuses on providing a balanced literacy program and classrooms are stocked with literature and literacy materials to support this goal. Children are encouraged to travel from center to center exploring the variety of experiences available to them.

Instrumental Music
The instrumental teacher has the responsibility of guiding the development of students in the attainment of specific musical skills. The product of the effort are young musicians who demonstrate musical proficiency as a soloist or part of an instrumental ensemble which is recognized throughout the NPS. The orchestra performs at all special assembly and PTO meetings. Holiday and graduation performances are an integral component of these assemblies.

VIP (Very Important Parents)
The Parent Academy consists of parent volunteers who are involved with various school activities. The parents provide support for our teachers and students. They volunteer to assist teachers in the cafeteria and on the playground and perform other duties as needed. They serve as a valuable resource to Abington Avenue students and staff.

SST (Student Support Team)
The Pupil Resource Committee is part of the SST, a school-based problem-solving group made up of teachers, support staff and administrators. Its purpose is to assist teachers in developing strategies for working with regular education students with learning and/or behavior problems. The committee seeks creative ways to increase the use of regular education resources to provide necessary interventions. Members of the committee function collaboratively, capitalizing on the strengths of each individual to enhance the total skills of the team.

Cheerleaders are the promoters of our school. We cheer at basketball games and compete at the end of the year. Cheerleading requires strength, flexibility, endurance and technique to execute skills used during crowd leading, spirit raising and entertainment. Performing stunts, pyramids, jumps and tumbling are examples of athleticism.

3D Printing & Design Club
In 3D Printing and Design Club students design 3D objects using Tinkercad software. They then print the design using the Makerbot Mini 3D printer. We are now practicing our designs and will start with a simple name tag.

In Robotics students are using the EV2 Mindstorm robots. They are able to use the Mindstorm EV3 software to get the robot to perform simple commands based on their programming using the blocks of code.

Art Studio
In Art Studio we explore new materials and techniques that we do not do in the regular classes.

Student Council
The purpose of the Student Council is to provide leadership, and to serve the student body, the school, and the community. The Student Council at Abington is the students’ voice in our school. Most of the projects completed by our group are service-oriented. They provide information to the students and faculty in regards to upcoming activites. The student leaders also do many teacher/staff appreciation projects to create a positive relationship between students and teachers.

Safety Patrol
The Abington Avenue School Safety Patrols aide the crossing guards at various intersections as well as monitor doors around the school, assisting our students to and from school safely.

The Abington Avenue School Library is open every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The library is open to students as well as family members. Computers are available for all to use. Please feel free to stop by and visit, use a computer, read with a friend or family member and or check out a book.

School Leadership Committee
Abington Avenue School Leadership Committee is compiled of teachers, parents, community members and school administrators. Our goal is to ensure a focus on learning and continuous improvements to our school. To committee works with the administrative team on decision making regarding instruction, budgeting and a variety of school wide activities. Another role of the School Leadership Committee is to work collaboratively in regards to decision-making in the school, keeping the lines of communication open between all stakeholders and providing an environment that encourages everyone to work as a team.

Principal Program
This program consists of nutritious meals, homework assistance, ELA, Math and extracurricular programs for 1st and 2nd grade student.

The Excel program consists of meals, homework assistance, ELA, STEAM, Math and extracurricular activities.

Enhance the effectiveness of ESL instruction by providing additional support in English, focusing instruction in specific areas of students’ needs.


National Junior Honor Society

Debate Team


  • Robotics
  • Claymation
  • City Planning & Engineering
  • Go Green: Planning for Sustainability
  • Sound & Video Production