School Leadership Council

The School Leadership Council or SLC has been in existence at Abington Avenue School since 1999.  It is made up of members of the school community,  The SLC is a collaborative advisory group and decision-making body to improve teaching and learning in the school

NamePosition / OrganizationConstituent Group
Ruiz, NelsonPrincipalAdministration
Jagersky, TracyChairpersonTeacher
Furman, LenoreTeacherTeacher
Gradaille, KarinaCommunity MemberOffice of the Mayor
Alfaro, ZanaydaCommunity MemberLa Casa De Don Pedro
Gonzalez, YeseniaCommunity Engagemenent SpecialistNon-Instructional Staff Member
Pettiford, DanielleCookNon-Instructional Staff Member
Ortiz, LaurenCounselorNon-Instructional Member
Ortiz, CarmenParentPTO
Rubino, DeannaTeacherTeacher
Gomez, Mary AnnAideAide
La Scala, MichelleNTU RepresentativeSecretary
Heintz, SandyVice PrincipalNon-Voting
Echevarria, AlejandroCIONon-Voting
Kazanjian, RichardVice PrincipalNon-Voting
Braswell, KevinHead CustodianNon-Voting

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Continuously analyze student performance assessment data and work with the school principal and faculty to identify obstacles to improved performance
  2. Review the school-based budget, prepared by the school, for accuracy and efficiency to ensure that the needs of students, faculty and the school are addressed before submission to the district’s central office and prior to submission to the school/community meeting. The SLC may propose modifications, consistent with the school district budgeting procedures and criteria and local school plan. The SLC must document its recommendations;
  3. Participate in training provided by the school district, the Department of Education or other outside organizations or institutions of higher education;
  4. When there is a vacancy for a principal, and if the SLC has completed all training related to the selection process, the SLC shall present three candidates, which they recommend, for consideration. The SLC shall be comfortable with all three candidates’ names which shall be submitted to the District Superintendent for review. The Superintendent shall have the option of selecting one of the three candidates recommended by the SLC. However, such recommendations shall not be binding on the Superintendent. This process shall also apply to vacancies for Vice Principal and Department Chairpersons. Recommendations shall be forwarded to the appropriate district officials;
  5. Collaborate with other school or district appointed school improvement consultative groups;
  6. Develop the school report on instructional priorities, or current district plan review its implementation, amend it in light of performance data and circumstances, and make it available to the school community and the school district; and
  7. Maintain minutes and an agenda for all SLC meetings and make copies available to the school community. Copies of the minutes shall be transmitted on a timely basis to the Regional Superintendent and school community.