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Dear Students and  Parents:
   South Seventeenth Street School is an elementary school grades Kindergarten through Eighth. It is located in the West Ward of Newark, New Jersey. Its present population is 487 students. Our mission is to create an enriching educational environment where the learner is encouraged to be responsible, respectful, and socially aware of the current issues impacting their academic and social environment. This enables the students to become productive members of society.
   The school wide goal focuses on early intervention by providing rigorous academic programs and support services to all students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become actively involved in the learning experiences of their children.
   The school action plan focuses on instructional strategies designed to increase academic achievement in all areas. The Common Core State Standards and student assessment data drive the daily instruction, with an array of assessment tools used to monitor the academic progress of our learners.
   South Seventeenth Street School provides students with a safe and healthy environment. We promote academic excellence with a strong emphasis being placed on the Character Education curriculum. Students, staff and parents are stakeholders who are equally responsible and accountable for all students. We welcome you to join our family of distinguished, well-rounded educators whose number one priority is the education of our students.
   Our goal of improving student learning began with our opening day Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 8:25 AM.
The school family along with myself are looking forward to a continuously exciting and rewarding school year. South Seventeenth Street School is the best educational environment for all our students and we will continue to move our students towards College-Ready benchmarks.
Clarence T. Allen
FY2014 HIB Grades (March 4, 2014)


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