The Newark Public School recognizes that a system of grading student achievement will help students; teachers and parents/guardians assess progress toward educational goals. Student achievement is defined as competence in specific subject matter content. A grade represents the total student academic achievement in a given course. A minimum of nine grades is required in order to examine student progress over time.

Newark Public School  Grading Policy   
 A+  89-100  4.25
 A  94-97  4.0
 B+  87-89  3.25
 B  84-86  3.0
 C+  77-79  2.25
 C  74-76  2.0
 C-  70-73  1.75
 D  64-69  1.0
 F   0-63     0

Although student achievement should be the primarry factor on which grades are based, it is apropriate to provide feedback to students on their effort, behavior, and attendance.