Student Government


The Student Government is an organization that encourages the student body to be more active in school-related events and activities.  Student Government members will bridge the communication gap between faculty, administration, community, and students.  Additionally, members will also demonstrate school spirit, adhere to all school policies, and attend school on a consistent basis.  Student Government members will actively participate in volunteer activities, community service, and facilitate grade-level convocations.  The following are prerequisites in order to become a member of Student Government:

  1. GPA must be 2.5 or higher
  2. Student must attend school between 85%-90% of the time
  3. Student must wear their uniform 100% of the time

Student Government members will meet one morning per week for a 45-minute session.  These meetings will be student-led and facilitated by the President of Student Government.  Through Student Government, members will have the opportunity to attend a variety of field trips.  We strongly encourage parental engagement for these trips and activities.

Student Government Advisor- Mr. Abbaleo

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