Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Mathematics Program is to enable all students to acquire the mathematical skills, understandings, and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their careers and daily lives. Students will:

  • Become mathematical problem solvers
  • Learn to communicate mathematically
  • Learn to reason mathematically
  • Learn to value mathematics
  • Become confident in their own ability

The achievement of the Mission Statement and Goals requires a synergy between math content, instructional delivery, and assessment. This can be accomplished through the following secondary goals of the Mathematics Program:

Curricular Goals(The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Mathematics and the New Jersey Mathematics Frameworks influence the delineation and articulation of the mathematics curriculum):

  • Provide explicit and extensive curricular guidelines and instructional support for teachers;
  • Provide a vehicle for focused, sustained efforts toward the continuous improvement of students’ mathematical education in school;
  • Identify the mathematical content and processes students should know and be able to use as they progress through school;
  • Identify mathematical materials and programs that will provide all students with high-quality mathematics experiences within and across the grades; and
  • Provide a resource that identifies the range of mathematics addressed, guides decisions regarding strategies and materials, and offers appropriate meaningful forms of assessment.