Disney Dreamers

My name is Rouwaida Nitiema and I am one out of a hundred students chosen nationwide to attend the Disney Dreamers Academy, hosted by Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine. Disney Dreamers Academy is a program that inspires and motivates students to dream big and reach for the stars. It allows students the chance to network with powerful individuals and gain life lessons from inspirational guest speakers with immersive presentations. My experience at Disney Dreamers Academy was magical to say the least. It was a life changing opportunity that opened and broadened my perspective. I learned to never give up on my dreams and to never let the haters push me into the dark. I took advantage of the networking opportunity and connected with great and influential people that can potentially change my life for the better. Because of the opportunity, I won an internship with Essence Magazine, which will be starting in June and taking place in New Orleans. I was also able to personally connect with Brandi and Karli Harvey, who advised me to follow my passion and never settle for less. Because of my perseverance through difficult situations, I was among the three students selected from the hundred students to be in a fashion show, hosted by Karli and Brandi Harvey. I learned how to feel comfortable and confident in my own style and learned how to make my look my own. I also had the opportunity to be published in Amsterdam News for being an incredible student who see and values that importance of chasing a dream.