For Parents

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to Malcolm X Shabazz High School.

I have planned many events that will not only enhance the life of our students but the lives of our students’ families, friends and their community.

Workshops or meetings will be provided to teach parents the skills needed to guide their children through educational and life experiences such as:

  • Test-Taking Skills for PARCC

  • Health Literacy & Nutrition/Wellness

  • Bullying

  • Technology Training

Hopefully, I will be able to engage all parents in some type of parental involvement. Please stop by and visit with me any day in room 349.2 during school hours.

My Phone Number: (973) 733 – 8604
E-mail –

Your Parent Liaison,
Ms. Kia Woodson

Empowering Families. Helping Students Succeed.