West Side High School

West Side High School
403 South Orange Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
Attendance Zone State Code NPS Code School Type Grade Structure Gross Area Construction Type
West Region – East 080 034 Comp. High School 9-12 145,501 SF
WestSideHigh_aerial WestSideHigh_street
Date Area Perimeter Stories
Original 1926 123,676 SF 3,422 FT 3
Addition 1
1982 21,825 SF 704 FT 1
Description: Includes West Side High School (Codes 080/034) and Newark Evening (Codes 090/029). SUMMARY FINDINGS West Side High School is currently structured as a comprehensive high school. The 2012 facility condition assessment survey finds this school to be in FAIR physical condition. The original 1926 building is solid and was well built; however, the exterior facade and roof and sidewalk and paved areas are old and in need of repair, and many of the interior floors, walls and ceilings have damage from heavy student ware. The 1982 addition was cheaply built, and despite its relatively young age it will require significant investments to extend its service life. Additionally, the Educational Adequacy of the Classrooms is GOOD, while the Cafeteria and Media Center are undersized and inadequate in comparison to NJDOE Facilities Educational Standards (FES). With investment to remedy deferred maintenance deficiencies and modernize this venerable early 20th Century school build the structures useful life can be extended another 10-plus years as part of the districts 2012 long range plan. The 1-story 1982 addition is not well built or efficient and may be a candidate for replacement.

Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP)

Facility Condition (2013-02-04)
Facility Condition Index (FCI) % Score 28
Facility Condition Fair
FCI Deficiency Cost $9,242,842
FCI Replacement Cost $32,710,725
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Capacity Utilization (2013-02-04)
2012-13 Enrollment 756
Adjusted Capacity
2012-13 Utilization
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Educational (Facility) Adequacy (2013-02-04)
Classroom Adequacy % Score
Classroom Adequacy
Special Spaces Adequacy % Score
Special Spaces Adequacy
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Energy Use (2013-04-10)
Gas Usage (Therms)
Electric Usage (kWh)
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