Instructional Technology

Technology is thriving at Speedway School!

In total the school boasts over 350 brand new networked computers, 38 Smartboards and 4 fully networked Computer Labs. Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with 2 networked computer stations, while Grades 1-8 have a minimum of 4 stations per room. In addition to using classroom computer centers, all classes are scheduled to visit one of the school’s 4 computer labs at least once a week. Students are exposed to a variety of software applications, including Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Paint, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Storybook Weaver, Encarta and many other programs. They use these tools in conjunction with supervised use of the internet to create presentations that reinforce, enhance, and accelerate the learning process. Students and teachers have access to email, and use it extensively in lessons. Additionally, teachers and students have access to digital video and photography, and participate in various collaborative projects. Students in Grade 4 are assessed on their proficiency in using technology in alignment with the New Jersey Core curriculum Content Standards.

The Technology Curriculum in the Newark School District is designed to promote knowledge of and involvement in computer, information literacy, and in technology education. Technology is multi-disciplinary by nature. The knowledge and skills acquired in using technology is used across the curriculum. Technology is a tool that adds an active dimension to the educational process, from hands-on tools, various software and media resources, to the ever evolving World Wide Web.