How Debate Prepares for College

Debaters must do a tremendous amount of college-level research. Students will learn to use college-level research databases, like Lexis-Nexis and J-Stor. Students will also learn the techniques of composing a persuasive argument, which directly translate into better thesis papers (which are a crucial component of the college skill set). Debaters may also spend anywhere from 1-8 weeks of their summer studying at Debate Institute. For the longer camps, they will stay in a college campus facility, take college-level debate classes, and use college libraries to do intense research. They will also learn independence and social skills, as they will be living in a dormitory setting with students from all over the country. Several colleges offer scholarships for policy debate.  Some schools even offer full scholarships for debaters, including Marist University, Towson University, University of Kentucky and Liberty University.  Some notable schools that have scholarships for debate programs are Harvard, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State, Emory, Georgetown, Baylor, Cornell, Stanford, NYU, West Georgia, Long Beach State …  The list goes on and on.