Our History

Located in Newark, Science Park High School has been preparing students for careers in science, mathematics and technology since 1974.  Our small, racially, ethnically and socio-economically diverse student body is drawn from all areas of the city and represents a microcosm of the community it serves.

Admission is highly competitive, with students accepted in the 7th and 9th grades.  Students from any public, private, parochial, or charter school who reside in Newark may apply for admission, with priority given to those who demonstrate interest in science and have an overall excellent academic record, particularly in the areas of science, mathematics and computer literacy.

Because the curriculum at Science Park High School is highly specialized, it consists of a significant number of courses beyond state minimum requirements.  Besides four years of English and physical education/health, three years of social studies, two years of fine art and two years of world languages, Science Park requires four years of college preparatory mathematics, four years of a lab science (all science classes are double periods), one year of computer technology, one-half year of SAT preparation, and one-half year of public speaking.

This blend of science and humanities serves our students well, with  approximately 99 percent passing all three sections of the New Jersey HSPA each year.  Additionally, Science’s SAT scores are the highest in the district, and our students are invited to participate in summer enrichment programs in colleges and universities across the nation.