Nurses Office Info. Sheet

MEMO: Students and Parents
SUBJECT: Nurses Office Information Sheet

  1. ALL students should be encouraged to eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day.
  2. Students will not be excused to go home without a valid reason. Students must be signed out of school by a Parent or Guardian.
  3. Please make all dental and medical appointments before or after school when possible.
  4. Students who become ill during the school day must report to the nurse. The nurses will assess student and call the family from the School Health Office.
  5. If leaving school for a medical appointment the student must come to the Health Office to notify the nurses of what time their Parent/Guardian will pick them up.
  6. Students will not be excused from Physical Education unless they are medically excused with a written statement from a doctor*.
  7. If you were medically excused last year, you must have an updated medical excuse for the current school year
  8. Medication will not be administered unless there is a written order from the Doctor. The medication forms require a signature from the Doctor and Parents/Guardians. Forms can be obtained from the school. All medication must be in the original container, indicating time, dosage, frequency and the name of the medication.Any student who has been diagnosed with Asthma and needs to carry his/her inhaler with them while in school must complete an Asthma Treatment Plan that meets. A Doctor’s order is also needed for any student to carry an epi-pen, and/or one pre-measured dose of an anti-histamine. Forms are obtained from the school nurse.
  9. Any student born on or after January 1, 1997 must receive the mandated immunizations:
    1. Varicella (If they have not had the chicken pox) or written proof date of chickenpox disease is required
    2. Tdap
    3. Menatra [Please submit any updates of any vaccines/immunization]
  10. Home Instruction: If your child is ill or injured and is expected to be home bound and unable to attend school for more than 2 weeks, your child may be eligible for home instruction. The School Health Office must have a written statement from your child’s doctor indicating diagnosis, expected length/period of disability and the need for home instruction.

*If you have any questions please contact your School Nurses, at 973-733-7415
Miss D. Harris and Mrs. A. White