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Announcement of Coaching Vacancies


Coaches and Sports Related Activities, East Side High School

(Pending availability of funds and District Superintendent’s approval)

The District Superintendent invites qualified and interested persons to apply for the aforementioned position.

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New Jersey Standard Teacher’s Certificate or valid Essex County Substitute Teacher’s Certificate with required sport specific endorsement.
Must have knowledge and experience in the sport or knowledge and experience in coaching or cheerleader advising.
Preference to applicants who are taking and/or have completed college course(s) in coaching techniques, methodology and the completion of the NFHS Principal of Coaching course.
Must have current CPR/AED certification.


To personally assume responsibility for the health, safety, welfare, and conduct of all team members.
To personally exemplify high standards of conduct, ethics and appearance.
To be knowledgeable of and to abide by all Newark Public School policies and procedures as they relate to the athletic program.
To keep abreast of and to abide by all New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (N.J.S.I.A.A.) Rules and regulations.
To personally supervise all practice sessions.
To personally accompany the team on the bus when it is necessary to travel.
To personally attend pre-season and post-season meetings.
To personally assist in the selection and ordering of equipment and supplies.
To be responsible for the care and maintenance of equipment and supplies.
To make recommendations for letters and awards.
To personally assist in stimulating cooperation between coaches, other members of the teaching staff, and the school administrators.
To foster clubs and associations which are organized by parents of athletes and other interested members of the community, and to serve as an active member of such groups.
To personally maintain open lines of communication with the press and media.
To perform all other duties consistent with contractual terms of employment.

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Athletic Director
Salary, Terms & Affiliation


All Newark Public Schools coaching positions are affiliated with the Newark Teachers’ Union (N.T.U.). Compensation and period of employment varies by sport. Please refer to the list below for specific openings available at this school.