Uniform Policy

School Uniforms

Clothing Guidelines
Students will wear uniforms in their respective school colors. Clothing must be sized to fit the student. Pants should fit appropriately and should not be too tight or too loose. Shirts should be appropriate size and should not extend below the hip. It is acceptable for students with special religious beliefs and/or special needs or extenuating circumstances to wear head coverings.


  • Polo-style shirts, button-down shirts, and turtleneck shirts are permitted
  • Sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are NOT permitted.

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  • All long-sleeve solid colored crew-neck, V-neck, or cardigan sweaters, fleece, or sweatshirts must be worn with a white collared shirt, turtleneck, or blouse. NO hooded apparel


  • Denim jeans and sweat pants* are NOT permitted
  • Shorts, skirts, scooters, and jumpers may not be shorter than four inches above the knee
  • A solid color belt must be worn if pants or shorts have belt loops
  • Clothing must be worn at the natural waist

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  • Shoes must be navy blue, black, or brown in color; no open heel or toes permitted.
  • Shoes must be securely fastened. Clogs, flip-flops, and bedroom slippers are NOT permitted


  • Students may not wear hats, hoods, sweatbands, bandannas (except for religious exemptions), or sunglasses while in the school building.


Outer Garments
  • Coats and jackets must be stored in the student’s classroom or locker and may not be carried in school.