Vision & Mission


Vision Statement and Mission Statement


ESHS Vision Statement

As the largest bilingual comprehensive high school in Newark, we represent a mosaic of cultural diversity, where the uniqueness and ultimate worth of each individual is an essential ingredient in our varied curriculum. Students and staff alike are encouraged to develop their abilities in a manner most conducive to meeting the challenges and opportunities of an ever changing and demanding world.


ESHS Mission Statement

We, the teachers, staff and administrators of East Side High School, strive to provide, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnic background or ability, an accepting and nurturing environment  that fosters the educational opportunities that enable our students to develop into self-reliant leaders and to be successful, contributing members of our diverse society in the 21st century.

By mastering a learner-centered curricula, our students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for future success by pursuing areas of interest, adopting habits promoting good health and physical well-being, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, participating in co-curricular activities, and by extending educational experiences through partnerships with colleges, universities, businesses and the community.

In cooperation with parents and the community, we lead to develop a lifelong love of learning and to acquire the body of knowledge necessary to meet and exceed the requirements of The Newark Public Schools and the State of New Jersey.