About Our School

East Side High School is a large “comprehensive high school with a magnet touch” that serves students in grades nine through twelve. The student population is unique in its diversity, serving many ethnic groups. This diversity is a reflection of the East Side community. East Side High School offers a variety of academic programs to meet students’ needs, including Advanced Proficient (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, Big Picture Learning, Talent Development (TD) and Early College Program courses for those students who wish to earn an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Essex County College. In addition, East Side offers a bilingual program and services for students with special needs. The School Leadership Committee (SLC), a critical component of the East Side High School Program, offers students and parents assistance with school matters and provides recognition for outstanding student academic achievement.

East Side High school offers the most diverse athletic program in Newark which includes the only Boys and Girls Lacrosse and Ice Hockey teams. We are also proud of our variety of over 25 co-curricular activities available to our students including Student Council, Robotics and Debate. The major goal of East Side High Schools’ programs is to provide all students with the most expansive and challenging opportunities with which to acquire the technologies of learning and communication so that they can become leaders in shaping their own destinies and become advocates for their communities.

Working together, teachers, students, administration, support staff and parents dedicate themselves to create and atmosphere wherein the youth of our community can succeed. Our citizenry is a divergent mixture of people and cultures from around the world that makes East Side High School a place for all students to excel and thrive.

Once an East Sider, always an East Sider!