Media Center Rules

*You must have your student I.D. card to enter the library. No card, no admittance. No excuses, no exceptions!


  1. No food or beverages of any kind are allowed.
  2. No cell phones or texting while in the library.
  3. No gum or candy!
  4. No game sites of any kind are to be played on the computer.
  5. No headphones.
  6. Notes from substitute teachers for admittance into the library will not be accepted. No exceptions!
  7. The following are given priority to use computers during lunch periods 5,6,7 and 8:
    • Scheduled/Reserves by teachers for their classes/students.
    • Seniors working on college applications/documents.
    • All teachers.
  8. If printing a document that is more then 3 pages, you must ask permission first from the librarian to print the document.
  9. Nothing of a personal nature can be printed. For example, birthday invitations, flyers for church events, dance bulletins, etc.
  10. Anyone accessing illegal or inappropriate websites via the Newark Public Schools AUP will be banned from utilizing the library for the remainder of that school year.

Upon signing in for admittance into the library, a statement is given at the very top of the sign in sheet. Please make sure you read this statement.