School Policies

  • Late Passes - Students will be given a late pass upon arrival after 8:35 AM
  • All students must be wearing school uniforms at all times.  Parents of students out of compliance will be formally contacted by Mrs. Ressurreicao.
  • No students should be using cell phones during the school day.  In an emergency, students can use the phone in the main office.
  • Lunch Time:  Students are NOT ALLOWED  to return back to their classes or walk the hallways for any reason.  No exceptions
  • Dismissal Procedures: for parents NOT Arriving on time.  If by 3:05pm the students have not been picked up, they will be sent to the main office.

Bobcat Procedures

In the Playground
  1. We follow the directions of the aides. We line up when they instruct us to.
  2. We keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
  3. We keep the playground clean.
  4. We play safely. (No pushing, fighting, etc.)
  5. We return to class in an orderly fashion.
  6. We are mindful of other classes in session.
In the Hallway
In the Cafeteria
In the Auditorium
In the Bathroom