Hamburg SchoolWilson Avenue School of Performing Arts and Science is located in the Ironbound section of Newark and was constructed in 1881. The school has three sites that consist of a temporary class unit (TCU), Early Childhood Center, and the main building. We are a diverse, multi ethnic school with the majority of our students being of Portuguese ethnic origin and including a growing influence of students representing Hispanic origin.

Vision & Mission

The Wilson Avenue School Community will provide an educational climate to develop each individual's worth and dignity as a person. The stakeholders will create an educational setting in which students will become productive members of society in a rapidly changing world. With an awareness of the past, and an understanding of the present, our students will be efficient problem solvers who are team oriented and critical thinkers.

Wilson Avenue School is a cooperative partnership of students, parents, staff, and community working together to create an environment which:

  • Our students develop a love of learning, inquisitiveness about the world around them and resourcefulness in meeting life's challenges.
  • Our students find opportunities to express their individual needs and talents through a variety of artistic, musical, technological, athletic, social, and intellectual values.
  • Our students develop interpersonal skills that will enable them to interact productively in a society of varied economic and or cultural backgrounds though instructional programs that promote multicultural appreciation and cooperative learning.
  • Our students acquire higher order thinking skills which will enable them to participate successfully in the educational mainstream with emphasis on language development, literacy, and critical thinking skills in an expanded curriculum.