The Arts

The more we experience art, the more we come to understand it as a universal language.  It incorporates expression through creative action, thereby encouraging intellectual rigor.  Engagement in the creative process enables students to problem solve, invent, reflect, critique, modify, expand, and ultimately appreciate personal expression, heritage and culture.

The Newark Public Schools are committed to providing a quality arts education program, embodying a philosophy of critical and creative thinking, and designed to equip each student with the knowledge and skills needed to be a productive citizen.  Our educational program is informed by high standards, high expectations, and equal access to programs that provide and motivate a variety of interests and abilities for all students.

As a district we recognize that education does not exist in a vacuum. In recognizing the rich diversity of our student population, we also acknowledge the richness of the diverse environment that surrounds us. The numerous cultural, educational and economic institutions that are part of the greater Newark community play a critical role in the lives of our children and are an integral component of the visual art curriculum.

We recognize each child is a unique individual; possessing talents, abilities, goals and dreams.  It is with this understanding that the Newark Public Schools offer a visual arts program that is challenging, unfolds sequentially, and is aligned with the National Standards for Art Education, and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.