The Everyday Math Program is a standards-based program that is a complete K-6 mathematics curriculum that embraces many of the traditional goals of school mathematics as well as two ambitious new goals:

  • To substantially raise expectations with respect to the amount and range of mathematics that children can learn
  • To provide materials for children and support for teachers that enable them to meet these higher expectations.

The Connected Mathematics Program is a standards-based, problem-centered curriculum. The role of the teacher in a problem-centered curriculum differs from the traditional role, in which the teacher explains ideas thoroughly and demonstrates procedures so students can quickly and accurately duplicate these procedures.  A problem-centered curriculum is best suited to an inquiry model of instruction.  The teacher and students investigate a series of problems; through discussion of solution  methods, embedded mathematics, and appropriate generalizations students grow in their ability to become reflective learners.  Teachers have a crucial role to play in establishing the expectations for discussion in the classroom and for orchestrating discourse on a daily basis.