1. Education Academy – Students who are in Future Teachers Club actually go to Newark elementary schools for a Full day of teaching. They are involved in book drives for children and for adults and they go to elementary schools to read to the students.
  2. Law Academy – Students take a sequence of four classes, the last of which is a college course, after which students take a “completer exam.” Students also participate in mock trials and moot court competitions.
  3. AP courses currently taught – English Grammar and Composition; English Literature; AP Calculus; AP Statistics; AP U.S. History
  4. Clubs – Future Nurses; Minorities in Medicine; Future Educators; Jazz Band; Spanish Club, French Club; Photography Club; Future Attorneys
  5. We offer Homework Center Monday-Thursday 3:30-4:30. Subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Computer Lab.
  6. Nutrition Advisory Council