The Super Essex Conference (SEC) is a high school athletic conference located in Essex County, New Jersey. The conference was formed in 2009 by the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJIAA) and was a result of a larger realignment that swept through North Jersey

The Super Essex Conference has adopted strength of program alignment that places all the stronger programs in the top division and the weaker programs in the lower division with schools moving up or down every two years based on performance. It’s similar to the system used statewide for hockey and lacrosse.

University High School athletic program is a part of the Super Essex Conference. The sports that University High School offers are: Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball (Two levels; Varsity and JV), Coed Bowling, Coed Cheerleading, Indoor Track, Coed Cross Country, Boys and Girls Outdoor Track, Baseball and Softball (One level; Varsity Only). University High School is a magnet school and only offers a certain amount of sports because of the small enrollment. However, other sports such as Football, Boys Soccer, Coed Golf, Boys and Girls Swimming, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse are played at the student athlete’s district high school.

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