School Leadership Council

The School Leadership Council (SLC) supports the school in the improvement of student performance and embraces the participation of the larger school community.  Individuals who are important to this process include the school principal, teachers, non-instructional support staff, parents/guardians, community representatives, and high school students.  The principal is the instructional and organizational leader who plays a central role in formulating and implementing plans that improve and implement instructional program and services.

We build student leadership and responsibility in middle school as a segue way for prepared decision making in high school.  The goal of the SLC is to develop a culture of cooperation, accountability, and commitment; all with a focus on improving student achievement.

The SLC is a school-based body responsible for advising the school administration on essential instructional, budgeting and personnel issues.  Members of the SLC work with the principal to assess and improve the instructional culture of the school.  The role of the SLC shall be as a collaborative, cooperative, advisory, and decision-making body to improve teaching and learning in the school.