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Pandemic Response Team

In the event a student or staff member becomes ill in school they will be monitored by the School Nurse in the isolation room located in Room 110. The Pandemic Response Team will inform Central Office and contact students’ parents/guardians. The members of the Pandemic Team can be reached with any questions or concerns.

Name Title Email Phone
Allison R. De Vaughn Principal adevaughn@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-6657
Ronald Morse Vice Principal Morse@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-8734
Ameenah Gibbons Case Manager agibbons@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-8218
Rosa Sanchez Guidance Counselor RSanchez@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-230-6595
Eileen Fleischman School Nurse CFleischman@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-6656
Frances Wright School Guard fwright@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-7060
Kisha Flood Head Custodian kflood@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-7632
Allyson Bailey Teacher A1Bailey@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-733-6903
Nygee Glenn Parent Liaison NGlenn@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US 973-230-6594