School Uniforms

All Newark Board of Education students (Pre-K to 12th Grade) are required to wear school uniforms. School Uniforms enhance school safety, promote school pride, create a sense of unity amongst students, improve the learning environment, bridge socioeconomic differences between children, promote good behavior, improve children’s self-respect and self-esteem and produce cost savings for participating families.

Clothing Guidelines

Students will wear uniforms in their respective school colors. Clothing must be sized to fit the student. Pants should fit appropriately and should not be too tight or too loose. Shirts should be appropriate size and should not extend below the hip. It is acceptable for students with special religious beliefs and/or special needs or extenuating circumstances to wear head coverings.

Uniform Top(s)

Red Polo Top
Color: Red
Color: Red

Uniform Bottom(s)

Blue Khaki Pants
Color: Blue Khaki

Gym Uniform

Red Gym Shirt
Color: Red
Navy Blue Gym Shorts
Color: Navy Blue