American History High School is the Newark Public Schools’ 5th Magnet School.  Established in 2007, the school is a product of a unique collaboration between the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Rutgers University, and the New Jersey Historical Society.

American History High School is located on 74 Montgomery St. in the High Street Historical District.  Enrollment in the school is based on a competitive and rigorous admissions process.

With a mission that every student attends and graduates from college, American History High School offers a well-rounded, comprehensive, rigorous college preparatory curriculum in a small school environment that fosters a drive towards academic excellence.  The school capitalizes upon access to the unparalleled historical resources of the city, state, and nation to deliver an educational experience that emphasizes the study of all the social sciences through the lens of American History. History courses offer opportunities for students to embark on historical investigations, acting as detectives, examining history from multiple perspectives through the use of primary source documents.

As a school whose unifying theme is Social Justice and Democracy, American History High School has established two career and technical education academies focused on civic and law related occupations (Law and Public Health/Policy) and Video Production.  While American History and Social Justice remain the unifying themes, students are exposed to an array of courses and electives while having the opportunity to graduate high school with 16 College Credits in addition to taking Advanced Placement Courses.

Other features of the school that lend to its uniqueness are the vast electives students take in the Humanities.  The School without Walls Academic Trip Program, supported and partially funded by Gilder Lehrman extends learning beyond the classroom affording students opportunities to visit premier historical exhibits within the tri state area aligned to curricular themes students study throughout the year.  This springs history to life.

By using data to inform instruction, implementing researched based practices, and offering interdisciplinary learning experiences that extend beyond the walls of the school, American History High promises to exist as a community of learners that will produce the next generation of citizens who will advance our society.

The school has high expectations of its school community and ranks amongst the highest in improving student achievement.  The goal of American History High School is to prepare students, through a rigorous academic curricular, for higher education and the challenges and responsibilities of citizens in a diverse democracy.