Guidance Department

Ms. R. Sanchez

Guidance Counselor, grades 8, 9 and 10
(973) 733-7389


Ms. H. Escort-Moore

Guidance Counselor, grades 7, 11 and 12
(973) 733-8769


Guidance roles


Guidance Appointment Procedures

In order to maintain order in the building, the Guidance Office has set forth the following procedures for sending students to their guidance counselor:

  1. Students should be sent to guidance only for emergency purposes. They must have a pass signed and dated with the time from the teacher.
  2. Students must request an appointment to meet with their guidance counselor. Appointment slips can be found in the main office or guidance office and will be distributed to all homeroom teachers. Please collect them and place them in the appropriate counselor’s mailbox.
  3. Upon the counselor’s request, please send students to the Guidance Office during the appropriately scheduled appointment time.
  4. Please feel free to refer students to the Guidance Office if you have any concerns. Also, do not hesitate to stop in if you need any assistance. Often we are busy, but your concerns are very essential to the growth and development of our students.