Student Supports

Child Study Team:

 Who is part of the Child Study Team?

The New Jersey Department of Education requires that the Child Study Team include a certified School Psychologist, a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C), and a certified School Social Worker. A Speech & Language Specialist is also considered part of the Child Study Team.  The Child Study Team provides direct services to the Special Education population.  CST members are also Case Managers.

What is a Case Manager?

A Case Manager is a member of the Child Study Team whose role is to oversee the implementation of the student’s Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.).  The Case Manager coordinates the development, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the IEP. The Case Manager also facilitates communication between home and school and shall coordinate the annual review and reevaluation process.

How is a student referred for a Child Study Team Evaluation?

Students between the ages of 3 and 21 suspected of having an educational disability may be referred to the Child Study Team for an evaluation. If you believe that your child may have a disability, you may refer your child for an evaluation by submitting a written request to the school district.  The district will only accept and process signed hard copies of referrals.

NameOffice Phone #EmailStudents ServicedOccupation
Edwards, Earnest(973) 733-8347EEdwards@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US(A-G) Previous Newark Vocational StudentsPsychologist
Gaillard, Love M. (973) 733-8581LGaillard@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US(Jor-Wy) Previous Newark Early College StudentsSocial Worker
Helsel, Lisbeth(973) 733-8256LHelsel@@NPS.K12.NJ.US(H-ROD) Previous Newark Vocational StudentsSocial Worker
Morton, Mingnon(973) 733- 8187
(973) 733-7218
MMorton@nullNPS.K12.NJ.US(Rog-You) Previous Newark Vocational Students

(A-Jones) Previous Newark Early College Students


Guidance Department:

The Guidance Department at West Side High School seeks to meet the diverse needs of the student body.  Counselors work closely with the entire school staff, other supportive services, parents and the community to assist each student in making good personal and social adjustments, wise educational and career choices and sound long range plans.

    Guidance Protocols:

  1.  Staff members are not permitted to send students with or without passes to the Guidance Office; except in the case of emergencies.
  2. Students have plenty of questions and anxiety throughout the year so we intend on addressing each and every concern and/or question they may have; however, we will be conducting conferences in a professional manner and adhering to a schedule.
  3. In the event a student must immediately speak to his/her counselor we ask Block 1 Teacher Advisors to send an email notify either Ms.  D. Holt or Ms. A. Cross and they will in turn make appointments.

All our students are important to us and the best way of servicing all of them is via a system, which will be successful ONLY with everyone’s cooperation!

Phone: 973-733-6977
Fax:  973-733-8582

NamePhoneEmailStudents Serviced
Ayesha Cross973-733-8206ACross@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USLast Names between the letters A-D
Leigh Garwin973-733-8206LGarwin@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USLast Names between the letters E-K
Delya Holt973-733-4410DHolt@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USLast Names between the letters L-R
Hubert McQueen973-733-8206HMcQueen@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USLast Names between the letters S-Z


Students Support Team:


Name EmailStudents Serviced
Hammond, JamilaJHammond@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USEntire Student Population
Ragoo, Sandra SRagoo@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USEntire Student Population
Towns-Worsley, KarenKWorsley@nullNPS.K12.NJ.USEntire Student Population