Scholars are to wear a uniform EVERY day. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced and scholars out of uniform will be addressed and parents notified.  Students should follow these guidelines:

  1. A teal top and gray uniform pants/skirts.
  2. A white button-down with a school tie and gray uniform pants/skirts.
  3. Shirts are to be tucked into bottoms.
  4. If wearing tights or if sock are visible, black, gray, or white tights/socks are only acceptable.
  5. Scholars must wear black shoes (no sneakers, except for gym days).
  6. If a scholar brings a purse, it must be placed in the student’s book bag.
  7. Students may wear earrings that are not bigger than the size of a quarter.
  8. Necklaces/bracelets should not be visible. Please take off such jewelry prior to coming to school (tuck in necklaces behind shirt).
  9. On gym days, scholars are permitted to wear gym uniform (turquoise t-shirt and gray shorts/sweat pants) and sneakers.

Please note:

  1. The scholar must be written up for not wearing a uniform.  The Parent Liaison will track write-ups and notify parents.
  2. Dress code violations are considered Level One Misconduct.
  3. No child will be allowed to change clothes on gym days.
  4. Scholars also have the opportunity to earn colored shirts based on Honor Roll and Super Honor Roll.  These shirts are acceptable uniforms if worn with gray pants.