D.R.E.A.Ms Culture


A D.R.E.A.Ms culture is one in which everyone is accountable for adhering to high expectations and scholars are consistently acknowledged and rewarded for appropriate behavior and receive fair, logical consequences for misbehaviors. The D.R.E.A.Ms core values promote a sense of community and fosters positive adult-scholar and peer-to-peer relationships.


BRICK Academy seeks to develop the D.R.E.A.Ms core values, as social and emotional learning competencies, in each of its scholars:



I work hard.
Know my goals & where I’m at

Make an effort, not an excuse

Get started right away

Always keep striving

Believe I can do it
I follow rules and directions.
Follow directions and school procedures

Follow class rules and school policies

Listen to others & learn from them (SLANT)

Help take care of classroom & equipment

Be ready for learning & speedy transitions

Use good manners
I care about others.
Show others I care how they feel

Respect other points of view & ideas

Help to motivate the team

Praise peers for doing well & encourage peers when they fail or get upset

Do favors and good deeds for others

Use kind words and actions
A+ Self Control
I stay focused.
Stay focused & resist distractions

Remain calm when provoked or criticized

Use self-talk to de-escalate

Maintain personal space

Be safe at all times
Model Student
I participate.
Ask & answer questions

Make connections

Reflect & reconsider ideas

Be curious

Notice & appreciate beauty or excellence

Take risks